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Drawers buying guide

Posted on by Robes and Rails

Chests of drawers form an integral part of a bedroom suite, offering excellent compact storage capabilities. From jeans to jewellery and tops to towels, drawers are an ideal storage solution for any belongings which don’t need to be hung up in a wardrobe. With bespoke furniture options, you needn’t just settle for a plain, one-size-fits-all … Continue reading

The benefits of fitted corner wardrobes

Posted on by Robes and Rails

Bespoke, fitted furniture is an ever-popular choice for creating an elegant, seamless finish in any room, without compromising storage capabilities. One of the most unique advantages of bespoke furniture is its ability to fit into, and utilise, unusually shaped spaces. Corner wardrobes are a perfect example of furniture which makes the most of all available … Continue reading

Complement your attic apartment with fitted furniture

Posted on by Robes and Rails

Space is a commodity that’s forever increasing in demand nowadays, but unfortunately there’s always so little of it to go around! However, for those who know where to look there are opportunities to be had at every turn, especially if you opt for an attic apartment. Here, we’ll be showing you why you should consider … Continue reading

Fitted Wardrobes vs Freestanding Wardrobes

Posted on by Robes and Rails

Redecorating your bedroom can be a costly venture, especially when it comes to picking out brand new furniture for the room that you’ll likely live with for many years to come. A lot’s riding on you to make the right call for the needs of your room. One area of interest you should take great … Continue reading

Space Saving Tips for Apartment Living

Posted on by Robes and Rails

If there’s one thing that all of us could have a little more of in our homes it’s more space, especially in an apartment. But finding creative ways to both spruce up your living space and provide storage opportunities can be a hard task for the average homeowner, which is why this month we’ll be … Continue reading

Ideas & tips for redesigning your living room

Posted on by Robes and Rails

As the area in which you likely spend the majority of your time, your living room demands a vibrant decor that you can kick back and relax in and enjoy. Every once in awhile though, you’ll need to redesign your living room to keep it fresh, so this month we’ll be discussing the best ideas … Continue reading

Ideas & tips for decorating your child’s bedroom

Posted on by Robes and Rails

Delivering on both functionality and style, a child’s bedroom is a place where they can have adventures and escape into their own world, without you having to worry about their safety. 20 so this article will provide innovative ideas and top tips for decorating a children’s bedroom, without having to break the bank.   1. Storage … Continue reading

Ideas for Redesigning Your Home Office

Posted on by Robes and Rails

As more and more jobs offer the flexibility of working from home, many are choosing to incorporate an office into their property so they have somewhere to focus. A home office should be a space of motivation and productivity, and your choice of decor can go a long way to improving this. As such, this … Continue reading

Innovative Storage Ideas For Your Bedroom

Posted on by Robes and Rails

Your bedroom is a private space where you can retreat from the stresses of the outside world. Whether you want to lose yourself in a good book, watch a film in peace or get a good night’s sleep, your bedroom must fulfil your requirements. While functionality is important in a bedroom, so is style, and … Continue reading

The Perfect Walk-in Wardrobe

Posted on by Robes and Rails

The luxury of having a walk-in wardrobe is one which many people dream of incorporating into their home. Contrary to common belief, this idea isn’t as far-fetched as you may think, as a walk-in wardrobe doesn’t actually require very much space. This article will provide you with a few top tips when designing the perfect … Continue reading

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