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Ideas for Redesigning Your Home Office

Posted on 28th February 2016 by Robes and Rails

As more and more jobs offer the flexibility of working from home, many are choosing to incorporate an office into their property so they have somewhere to focus. A home office should be a space of motivation and productivity, and...Continue reading →

Making the Most of a Small Office Space

Posted on 27th April 2014 by Robes and Rails

  More and more of us are snipping out a corner of the home, whether it is the space under the stairs, a section of the living room or, in larger houses, an entire reception room, for use as a...Continue reading →

Finding the Perfect Home Office Furniture!

Posted on 2nd June 2013 by Robes and Rails

If you work from home – whether full-time or part-time – it’s incredibly beneficial to have a space in your home solely dedicated to getting work done. Not only does having a specific environment make it easier to obtain peace...Continue reading →