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Finding the Perfect Home Office Furniture!

Posted by formed on 2 June 2013

If you work from home – whether full-time or part-time – it’s incredibly beneficial to have a space in your home solely dedicated to getting work done. Not only does having a specific environment make it easier to obtain peace and quiet and avoid all those irritating distractions, but it is also much more conducive to productivity as everything will be organised and, as such, appear a lot  more professional.

However, if you are thinking of creating a home office – or refurbishing one you already have – there are a few things to consider in order to make it as practical, functional and visually appealing as possible…

Gliderobes and Rails Fitted Home Office Furniture


How many people will use your home office?

Before making any decisions about your home office, it is crucial to thoroughly consider how many people are likely to use it. So, for example, if the business you run from your home has employees you need to ensure there is enough space and office furniture to comfortably accommodate them.

Similarly, if your spouse, room-mate or other members of your household work from home too, it is worth thinking about how many people are likely to be using your home office at any given time. This will not only impact furniture items such as desks or chairs (where you may need more than one of each) it will also influence how much storage you are likely to need.


Gliderobes and Rails Fitted Home Office Furniture 2How much space do you have?

Once you have decided how many people your home office needs to cater for, it is crucial to think about the available space you have. Whether you are using a conservatory, reception room or loft or garage conversion, the size of your office space will completely influence the furniture and design you choose.

One of the best ways to make the most of every scrap of available space you have is to install fitted office furniture. This is because fitted furniture is designed around your exact specifications and tailored to your bespoke requirements, resulting in custom-built pieces of furniture that fit your room flawlessly and offer the precise practicalities you need.


How functional is the office furniture?

The best home office furniture not only looks great and creates a professional atmosphere, but is also incredibly practical. The main items of furniture you will require are a strong and sturdy desk capable of holding a computer and desk accessories whilst also offering any work space required; a comfortable, ergonomically-designed chair which will be both comfortable and supportive; and plenty of storage room to make sure your work space is well organised and never cluttered.

Combining work spaces with storage units are a fantastic, space and cost effective solution to office furniture and items such as desks incorporating a set of drawers and shelving units using wall space are perfect examples of this.

Gliderobes and Rails Fitted Home Office Furniture 3

We’re the experts at creating and installing home office furniture and design bespoke solutions for your individual requirements, tastes and budget. So for more information on our range of fitted office furniture, get in touch with the professional team at Robes ‘n’ Rails today!

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