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What Are The Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

Posted by formed on 13 December 2013

If you are refurbishing or redecorating your bedroom, you may be trying to decide between fitted wardrobes and free-standing wardrobes. While both are capable of enhancing the visual appeal of your room and providing storage space for your clothes and belongings, we think the benefits fitted wardrobes provide eclipse those of their free-standing counterparts.

In fact, here’s our guide to why fitted wardrobes are the perfect choice for your bedroom…

Maximise your available space

Fitted wardrobes are, as the name suggests, made to precisely fit the dimensions of your room. Not only does this mean there are no awkward spaces in between pieces of furniture, but it also allows you to make the most of every scrap of available space in your bedroom.

Any alcoves or corners, which may become redundant dead space in any other bedroom, can be incorporated in to your wardrobes themselves and transformed into valuable storage space.

 Low maintenance

Not only will fitted wardrobes make your room look great, but they are also incredibly easy to maintain. Unlike free-standing wardrobes, fitted bedroom wardrobes will be installed from the floor or the ceiling, meaning dust will never gather on the top.

Additionally, because there will be no awkward gaps either side of your wardrobe, there will be no temptation to use them as a dumping ground and fill them full of rubbish!

Increase your storage options

Fitted wardrobes offer exceptional storage spaces because they make the most of the dimensions of your room and are tailored to your individual needs. Whereas a free-standing wardrobe will feature one rail and maybe a shelf or drawer, fitted wardrobes can be customised with a host of innovative storage devices, from shoe racks and multiple rails to individual shelves and drawers all cleverly hidden away behind attractive sliding wardrobe doors.

Bespoke to your requirements

The main advantage of fitted wardrobes – and what enables them to offer all the benefits mentioned above – is that they are created to your bespoke specifications and adapted to your requirements. This makes the finished result completely individual and highly practical, as well as making sure the wardrobe accurately reflects every single one of your needs.

In addition, there are a wide range of designs and styles available, ensuring whatever the design and aesthetic of your room, there will be a perfect fitted wardrobe available.

Here at Robes ‘n’ Rails we are specialists at fitted furniture and have a wide range of fitted wardrobes tailored to your individual needs and designed to make the most of your bedroom. Our experts will create the perfect fitted wardrobe for your requirements and perform an installation of the most superior standard.

For more information, and to arrange a consultation at your convenience, simply get in touch with the professionals at Robes ‘n’ Rails today!

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