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Making the Most of a Small Office Space

Posted by formed on 27 April 2014


More and more of us are snipping out a corner of the home, whether it is the space under the stairs, a section of the living room or, in larger houses, an entire reception room, for use as a home office. This space is generally used to type up correspondence, surf online and manage our finances, but they are also often used for those who are studying or are self-employed. So if you want to work from at home, and have decided that it is time to get your own home office organised, here is how to go about it!

#1 Plan the space carefully

First of all, make it clear that the office space is for work, not play. Lay out a clearly defined office space and choose home office furniture that will have one purpose only. If the children, or your other half, tend to pinch your office chair, you will waste precious time every day tracking it down and retrieving it, so make sure that you set boundaries for your office furniture and space.
#2 Use décor which creates the illusion of space

Plan your office’s décor as carefully as any room, using colours that appeal to your individual taste. Using mirrors is a fantastic idea in a small office as it helps to create the illusion of space. Similarly, glass features – such as a table, desk or storage unit – can make the office look bigger, as well as more modern, practical and elegant.

Do not let clutter build up in your office as this can ruin its visual appeal and instantly make the space look smaller! Have a place for everything, and when filing trays get full, do filing, shredding and sorting. Keep cables tucked away and out of sight and, if your desk is very small, put your computer monitor on an extendable arm so you can move it away when not in use.

#3 Install suitable lighting

Good lighting is vital in all rooms, but especially in an office where you may be spending hours every day! A good, strong light will not only help you to see documents and be able to work easily without eye strain, but it also looks good, making the office welcoming and professional – an important consideration if your boss or clients come over on occasion.

#4 Invest in fitted furniture

Many offices are necessarily small as they are chipped out of existing living rooms or squeezed into any available nook. The perfect option in this instance is to invest in some fitted office furniture. By doing so, you’ll be sure of office furniture which fits both your requirements and the available space, as it will have designed to use up every available inch and maximise your working area.

While you are having your workspace installed, think about getting some storage units fitted too. Do not be stingy with your shelving plans: go all the way up to the ceiling so that you do not waste any space within the footprint of the shelves. Fitted furniture is a sound investment especially in a small room, as the shelves and fittings can be designed precisely to fit the dimensions of the room, streamlining the décor and providing a surprising amount of storage space!

#5 Personalise your office

Finally, make it personal! You are the person who will be using the office so lay it out the way you like! Choose colour combinations that appeal to you and take care over the décor and cleaning of your office. After all, you are more likely to work productively in a pleasant environment than in an ill-lit, cramped space.


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