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The best ways to clean fitted furniture

Posted on 3rd August 2017 by Robes & Rails

Cleaning your fitted furniture is a crucial step for keeping it in top condition and looking its best. Without due care and attention, even the lifespan of high quality furniture will decrease. Before carrying out cleaning work, you should make sure that your cleaning methods are suited to your specific furniture as different materials have different needs. In this article, we’ll be giving you some tips for cleaning a variety of types of fitted furniture.


Different finishes

Bespoke fitted furniture, such as that provided by Robes ‘n’ Rails, is highly personalisable. From fitted wardrobes to office setups, the type of furniture you are looking for will be available in many different styles and finishes to ensure there is something to suit all tastes and homes. With these different material options come different maintenance and cleaning requirements.


Natural wood

Solid wood furnishings are an attractive, sturdy option which provide a level of quality that flatpack, MDF furniture cannot match. With wood furniture, you should dust down the piece with a microfibre cloth regularly. You should avoid using strong cleaning chemicals on wood as they can damage the furniture’s finish. Instead, simply wipe any spillages or marks with a lightly damp cloth. For any significant damage, seek professional guidance.

To keep up the appearance of your natural wood furnishing, periodically apply a high quality wood care product befitting of its finish – whether that is wax or oil – to keep it looking good as new.


Painted wood or veneer

A painted or veneer finish to your wood furniture can be more hard-wearing than exposed solid wood. Nevertheless, care should still be taken to maintain the finish and keep it looking good. Regularly dust down the furnishing or, alternatively, vacuum it with the appropriate brush attachment.

For more stubborn marks, wipe with a soft cloth which has been dipped in warm soapy water – dish cleaner is sufficiently gentle – and wrung out. Do make sure you dry off the area with a dry cloth afterwards to ensure water doesn’t seep into the wood and potentially cause damage.



Acrylic doors and cupboards have an attractive high-gloss finish. To make sure smears and fingerprints don’t spoil the look of these surfaces, frequent cleaning should be carried out. When in need of a clean, acrylic surfaces should be wiped down with a microfibre cloth dampened with water and dish soap. The main thing to keep in mind with acrylic surfaces is to avoid using any abrasive cleaning materials – including brushes, scourers or abrasive sponges – to ensure you don’t scratch the finish.


Glass and mirrors

To keep mirrored surfaces and glasswork gleaming, you should use a dedicated glass cleaner. It is simple to clean these surfaces: simply spray on the glass cleaner and wipe down the surface with a microfibre cloth. For the optimal streak-free finish, use a squeegee in top down motions to rid the surface of all remaining residue.



The handles on your furniture are likely the part that gets touched the most and, therefore, should be paid due attention when cleaning. Spray some mild disinfectant on to a cloth and wipe down handles to ensure they are kept germ and grime free.



Don’t neglect to clean the inside of your wardrobes, cupboards and drawers, as well as the outside. Dust can easily settle on horizontal surfaces – such as shelves, rails, hinges and runners – on the inside of your furniture, particularly if drawers or doors are left open.  Perhaps the simplest way to clean interiors, giving these areas a once over with the brush attachment of your vacuum will keep them from accumulating dust.


Robes ‘n’ Rails offers a wide range of high quality, bespoke fitted furniture to customers across Lincoln. Our professional, experienced craftspeople will tailor your chosen furnishings – whether they’re for a bedroom, living room or office – to ensure they fit perfectly within your room. For a free design consultation, or more information regarding our products and services, contact our helpful team today.


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