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5 reasons why custom furniture is better than mass produced items

Posted by formed on 29 August 2014

The interior design of a home should exude character and comfort, creating a space of practicality and style. Redesigning or redecorating any room in a property is the ideal opportunity for homeowners to get creative and search for custom furniture which offers a one-of-a-kind look.

While mass produced furniture companies offer superior convenience when looking for new furnishings, part of the excitement of renovating your home is hunting out those gems which will transform your room into a distinctive, original space.

There are many reasons as to why bespoke pieces of furniture are far more beneficial than their mass produced counterparts, and this article will serve to explain just a few.

1. Custom furniture is made-to-measure

Custom built furniture is constructed to fit perfectly with your individual requirements and the specifications of the room. If you are looking to utilise an awkward space in a room, bespoke fitted furniture is the ideal solution as it will fill the gaps and integrate with the rest of the room seamlessly.

Period homes are an excellent example of how valuable custom furniture is. Their traditional setting furnished with unique features, such as fireplaces and bay windows require bespoke pieces of furniture which are in keeping with the rest of the property.

2. Materials can be tailored to your individual requirements

When designing your custom furniture, you can have as much input as you wish to ensure the final product fits with your individual needs. You don’t have to settle for cheap, weak and sometimes harmful materials which are typically used in standard mass produced products. Instead, you can choose which materials best fit with your requirements.

If you are sensitive to the toxins and chemicals typically found in paint, you can request for all your furniture to have a solvent-free, natural finish to suit your personal needs.

3. Materials are sustainably sourced

Custom made furniture gives you the opportunity to opt for eco-friendly materials rather than settling for standard engineered wood which mass produced items are commonly made from.

Utilising environmentally sustainable materials may be a choice which is very close to your heart and an intrinsic theme throughout your home. Here at Robes and Rails, our materials are sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) schemes registered suppliers, making us an eco-friendly option for your renovation needs.

4. Long lasting

Custom made furniture is an extremely durable and long lasting alternative to mass produced items. These qualities mean each and every bespoke item is guaranteed to deliver on practicality and style over a longer period of time.

A piece of furniture purchased from a chain store commonly means it can be found in most households throughout Britain. Its elegant craftsmanship and original design means this keepsake item can be passed on from generation to generation, treasured by children and grandparents alike.

5. Avoid any confusion from flat pack instructions

Following complicated instructions for self-assembly furniture can be a time-consuming and stressful task, leaving many homeowners with pieces of furniture half put-together and screws scattered all over the house!

Custom furniture cuts this pressure out of the process, allowing time to enjoy designing your own bespoke piece which can be made to your own specifications.

As explained in this article, custom furniture is a far better option than mass produced items for one-of-a-kind designs which are tailored to your individual needs. Your home is a retreat away from the outside world where you can relax and take comfort in your surroundings. Your belongings and choice of décor are an expression of your character, so what better way to tell your story than through the art of bespoke furniture?


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