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5 Steps to the Perfect Bedroom

Posted by formed on 2 July 2013

Your bedroom is one of the most multi-functional, yet uniquely personal areas of your home. Not only is it a place in which to relax, unwind and catch up on precious sleep, but is also the area that must rouse you each morning and provide you with a place to get ready for the day ahead.

It is also the room that holds a lot of your personal belongings – from clothes and toiletries to books, DVDs and spare sheets. And all of this must be considered and catered for when you design and decorate your bedroom.


Finding the perfect juxtaposition between creating a tranquil haven and ensuring it has all the practicalities of a room that can accommodate for your possessions and make getting ready easy is not as hard as you might think. In fact, following these five simple steps can make creating the perfect bedroom incredibly easy…

1 Choosing your bed

We spend more than a third of our lives in bed, making sleeping the single most time-consuming activity we undertake. This makes it especially important that your bed is well chosen, suitable for your needs and comfortable to sleep and rest in. Whether you’re a soft mattress fan or firmness advocate, taking the time to select the perfect mattress is vital.

However, you also need to choose a good bed frame – paying careful attention to its structure, stability and strength. The ideal bed will combine the functional aspects of providing a comfortable, supportive, stable place to sleep with the aesthetic appeal you require.

2 The design

Whether you’re opting for painted walls, wallpaper or a combination of both, choosing the colour palette of your bedroom will be one of the first and most important decisions you will make. It is a well-known fact that colours affect your mood, and you should think carefully about the environment you are trying to create before selecting the shade for your bedroom.

Neutrals, for example, help to create a calming environment, ideal for sleeping and relaxing. Darker colours, such as reds, are the perfect choice for a romantic atmosphere and bright colours create fantastic feature walls. Using various fabrics and textures is another great idea for a bedroom as it offers a sumptuous, indulgent feel – perfect for relaxation.

3 Picking the lighting

Choosing the correct lighting is vital for a bedroom. In order to fulfil the contradicting functions of your room, you will need different lighting options – a full, bright light for choosing your outfit or putting on your make-up and a low light for reading, watching television or simply relaxing in bed.

One of the best, and simplest, ways to achieve this is to have a good, main bedroom light and also a bedside lamp. This also solves the dreaded ‘getting out of bed when you’re all comfy to switch the light off’ problem!

Another great solution is to purchase fitted bedroom furniture which incorporates lighting. Lighting can be built into the furniture itself, with sophisticated dimmer switches, which promises to not only look great but be highly functional too.

4 Finding furniture and storage space

Purchasing bedroom furniture will be one of the most important things you will do. Not only will you want your furniture to look great and complement the style of your bedroom, it will also need to be highly functional, fit well into the space you have and successfully accommodate all your belongings.

One of the best ways to achieve all this is to opt for fitted bedroom furniture. The furniture will then be designed around your bespoke needs and the available space in your room, making the most of every corner, nook and alcove. Offered in a range of styles, colours and designs, you are sure to find the perfect bedroom furniture for your needs – whether you are creating a pretty, vintage-style haven or a sleek, minimalist sanctuary.

Robes and Rails - Quality Fitted Bedroom Furniture in Lincoln 3

5 Reducing clutter

Investing in high quality, bespoke fitted furniture will greatly reduce the clutter in your bedroom. However, further steps, such as under-bed storage and shelving units, can also help you arrange your belongings in a tidy, often visually pleasing way. As they say: a tidy room is a tidy mind, and this is never truer than in the bedroom!

For more information on fitted bedroom furniture, and to arrange a design consultation at your convenience, get in touch with the professionals at Robes ‘n’ Rails today! We are the experts in the design, manufacture and installation of a huge range of stunning fitted bedroom furniture.

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