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Best celebrity walk-in wardrobes

Posted by formed on 21 August 2023

Walk-in wardrobes have become incredibly popular over recent years, with many people sourcing inspiration from the images posted by celebrities on Instagram and other platforms. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating the best walk-in wardrobe for your needs. A walk-in wardrobe gives you the opportunity to make a powerful statement whilst giving you easy access to your favourite clothes, footwear and accessories. We are always able to help whenever you need fitted wardrobes in Grantham. Let’s take a look at some of the best celebrity walk-in wardrobes right now.

Ferne McCann

Ferne McCann showed off images of her walk-in wardrobe after saying she has always dreamed of owning one. Her wardrobe is part of a room that has clearly been styled with care. The wardrobe consists of grey wooden wraparound units for her clothing rails alongside accessory drawers and drawers for her other favourite small items.

Cindy CrawfordHow to Keep Clothes Fresh in a Wardrobe

Hollywood veteran and supermodel Cindy Crawford is the owner of a particularly welcoming walk-in wardrobe. Her wardrobe offers the ideal blend of light and space. The wardrobe consists of a central dresser with shelves and hanging compartments on one of the sides. Multiple makeup and dressing tables can be seen on the other side.

Mollie King

Former Saturdays vocalist and current BBC Radio 1 presenter Mollie King is also the owner of a stunning walk-in wardrobe. Her wardrobe is home to white cupboards and drawers with minimal yet striking silver handles. She has placed cream roses on the top of one of her dressers. A jewel lampshade hangs from the ceiling.

Christina Aguilera

Noughties pop superstar Christina Aguilera has won five Grammy Awards and a great deal of praise for her stunning bespoke walk-in wardrobe. Her huge collection of shoes takes up the vast majority of her vertical shelves, with other elegant features including her chandelier, red velvet curtain and leopard print carpet. There’s a bespoke compartment for the star’s boots as well as a ladder. This enables her to make the most of her vertical space. The ladder has been colour matched to her shelving units.

DJ Khaled

‘Wild Thoughts’ hitmaker DJ Khaled often claims to have ‘the best music’ and may well consider his walk-in wardrobe to be one of the finest around. Khaled’s walk-in wardrobe is home to an enormous collection of trainers and features tall shelves and a rolling ladder to help him access them. The dark timber design gives the backdrop a minimalist feel. It ensures his footwear is clearly the focal point of his space.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Welsh acting legend Catherine Zeta-Jones’ walk-in wardrobe has been complimented for its winding, maze-esque arrangement complete with its dazzling array of garments. The space consists of dark shelving units and an elegant wooden walkway floor.

Chelsea Handler

US actress and comedian Chelsea Handler has a particularly distinctive walk-in wardrobe. A number of unique personal touches are clearly visible, as are her underwear and boxes from her hats, which sit on tall shelves. You can also see various photographs and mementoes in the background. The space is also home to a mini-bar and refrigerator. The space is also used to house her workout gear.

What are the benefits of a walk-in wardrobe?

Now you know more about the benefits of a walk-in wardrobe, you may be ready to find out more about the advantages of these fantastic home improvement solutions. One of the key benefits of a walk-in wardrobe is that it will give you much more storage space than a standard closet. Walk-in wardrobes normally have multiple shelves, hanging rods, drawers, and compartments. These enable you to organise and store a large number of clothes, shoes, accessories and other belongings neatly.

As a walk-in wardrobe gives you more space and dedicated storage areas, it makes it easier for you to categorise your items so you can find them quickly and avoid misplacing them. You can also add lighting to these wardrobes. This helps you can view all your clothing and other belongings at the same time. This makes it easier for to you plan outfits and co-ordinate colours. It also allows you to experiment with different outfits outside of your bedroom space.

Walk In Wardrobe Ideas in LincolnDoes a walk-in wardrobe add value to your home?

Walk-in wardrobes are seen as desirable features by many buyers. This means the addition of a walk-in wardrobe can ensure you get more for your property if you ever decide to sell up. Many people have received an excellent return on investment after installing walk-in wardrobes.

Will a walk-in wardrobe protect my clothing?

Walk-in wardrobes normally have high standards of ventilation and air circulation. This allows you to preserve the quality of your clothing and accessories. They can reduce the risk of mould, mildew and musty smells affecting your clothes.

Who can help when I need a fitted wardrobe in Grantham?

At Robes N Rails, we are here for you if you want to install a personalised walk-in wardrobe in Grantham. We can help you choose the perfect layout, shelving, lighting, and decorative elements for your needs and preferences. Let us help you create a space that reflects your tastes perfectly. Our solutions help you to make the most of your available space. Our market-leading designers can work closely alongside you to ensure your custom-built wardrobe meets your every need. You can rest assured that our design professionals have the skills and experience needed to create something truly remarkable. 

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