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Best Celebrity Walk-in Wardrobes

Posted by formed on 3 September 2019

For many, a walk-in wardrobe is the ultimate luxury storage solution. When designing your dream walk-in wardrobe, it’s difficult to rein in your imagination; there are so many ways to organise a space like this that you can feel overwhelmed pretty quickly. So where can you turn for inspiration? Many of the world’s most unique and awe-inspiring walk-in wardrobes belong to celebrities, so let’s take a look at some of these to see what tips and tricks you can take for your own designs.


Cindy Crawford

Globally recognised model and actress, Cindy Crawford, has one of the homeliest walk-in wardrobes you can find; one which makes great use of space and light. With natural light streaming in from the French doors, which open up to a neat balcony, Crawford’s wardrobe has one central dresser flanked by shelves and hanging compartments on one side, and a line of makeup/dressing tables on the other.

The floor is covered in a smooth cream carpet, and every surrounding nook is bordered with stark black lines, creating a beautiful sense of structure throughout. There’s plenty of space for dresses, shoes, tops, jumpers, hats and more, and these are matched alongside fitted dressers with efficient drawer space built in; we’re particularly taken with the tall, thin vertical drawers on the back wall.


Christina Aguilera

Lavish is an understatement when it comes to the five-time Grammy award-winning singer songwriter’s wardrobe. With most of the vertical shelves saved for her massive selection of shoes — grouped by designer — it’s the glamorous leopard-print carpet, chandelier and red velvet curtain which sets the room apart.

Running along the side of the wardrobe is Aguilera’s shoe wall, which includes bespoke compartments for boots. The feature you might be most interested in is the ladder. Like an expansive library, the wooden ladder — colour matched to its companion shelving units — makes it easy to maximise vertical space.


DJ Khaled

The DJ and record executive known for his upbeat personality is also someone who has taken a sentimental approach to his wardrobe storage solutions. With his extensive collection of sneakers, Khaled wanted a special way to showcase and preserve each pair, so he built a room for them all.

The wardrobe focuses on tall, expansive shelves which spread across the entire perimeter. A rolling ladder makes everything accessible, and the dark timber design gives a surprisingly minimalist backdrop, allowing the vast sneaker collection to take focus.


Catherine Zeta Jones

Where some celebrity wardrobes are spacious, Catherine Zeta Jones has opted for a winding, maze-like corridor design. This densely decorated room is incredibly space-efficient. With a seemingly endless array of clothes on show, you can be left dizzy wondering how they all fit in so comfortably.

The darker shelving units, complemented by the stylish, contemporary wooden walkway floor, give a majestic, ‘backstage’ vibe, sucking you into the showbiz glitz.


Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler — American comedian, actress, and more — has one of the most unique wardrobe setups we’ve seen. The large room feels very lived-in, with personal touches in every corner. Wide, timber units focus mainly on tall, open shelve spaces where items — from hat boxes to underwear — are on display, with mementos and photographs poised neatly in the background.

Drawers have windows built into the front so you can see right into the neatly folded collection of workout gear, and the entire room feels like a reflection of the personality who owns it — which is one of the most important takeaways we can think of. Of course, the built-in mini-bar and refrigerator is something you don’t want to gloss over, and is a great example of unique ways you can make a dream walk-in wardrobe something more than just a storage space. If you have the room, why not have some fun with it?


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