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Fitted wardrobe ideas

Posted by jask Media on 22 March 2021

Fitted wardrobes have become increasingly popular over the years. Not only can they be installed in rooms of all shapes and sizes, but they can help you to maximise the available space brilliantly too. The options are almost endless when it comes to designing your perfect fitted wardrobe. As well as being able to choose the number of shelves, racks, rails, and drawers, you can also incorporate mirrors, a TV, lighting, and many other features. Read on for the best fitted wardrobe ideas.  

Why should I invest in fitted wardrobes?

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes in Lincoln


Before we look more closely at the many fitted wardrobe ideas available to you, let’s consider why you should install one in the first place. Firstly, they can be a fantastic way to maximise space in your bedroom. They’re suitable for most rooms, even those with awkward nooks, crannies, and sloping ceilings. Secondly, you can tailor your storage to meet your needs. For example, if you have lots of suits, you can design a fitted wardrobe with lots of hanging space. 

Or, if you own more shoes than Carrie Bradshaw, you can ensure it contains several compartments in which to store them. Another benefit that you might not have considered is that fitted wardrobes can actually add value to your home. These days, buyers put a hefty premium on storage space. Therefore, your property is likely to become much more saleable as a result.

Popular design ideas for fitted wardrobes

Many companies offer bespoke solutions for fitted wardrobes, allowing you to create a storage space that reflects your needs perfectly. At Robes & Rails, we provide beautiful and functional fitted wardrobes in Lincoln and Grantham. We can arrange for one of our friendly designers to visit you at your home and discuss your requirements with you in person. We’ve been installing fitted furniture for over 30 years and we have a fantastic reputation for our services.  

Add a dressing table

If your bedroom is small, you might not think you have space for a dressing table. However, many fitted wardrobes can easily accommodate a table area with drawers and mirrors, providing you with the perfect space to dress or apply your makeup. Hiding the dressing table discreetly behind closed doors can make this space very intimate and personal whilst also concealing any mess.   

Increase light with mirrors 

Many fitted wardrobes come with mirrored doors. Not only do they look fantastic, but they’ll also increase the natural light within the room. Light will be reflected, making the room appear lighter, brighter, and more spacious. Mirrors can drastically change the look of the room. Plus, adding mirrors to your wardrobes provides you with the perfect way to check your outfits are on point! They can be hung onto the back of the doors, incorporated as pull-out panels, or even tucked at the back of a section. Adding mirrors to fitted wardrobes is a simple yet highly effective solution. 

Incorporate a desk area

Fitted Wardrobes in Lincoln

Have you found yourself working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic? Still, working at the kitchen table? If so, adding a desk area to your fitted wardrobe could be the ideal solution. A floor to ceiling wardrobe can provide you with a wealth of space, so why not use some of it to install a smart desk area? The desk can be hidden away at the end of the day when not in use.    

Add an in-built TV 


If you don’t have space for a TV in your bedroom or you simply don’t want it to be on show, you could consider installing one in your fitted wardrobe. A TV can be in-built in a fitted wardrobe easily, allowing you to watch TV in the comfort of your bedroom. You could also add other electronics such as gaming consoles or music systems. You won’t need to worry about unsightly wires being strewn across the room when devices are built into your wardrobe. 

Walk-in wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes are an enviable addition to any home. Not only do they help your clothes stay protected from mould and mildew, but they also provide a peaceful area in which to get dressed in the morning. If you have the space, they’re worth the investment. A walk-in wardrobe can make it so much easier to keep your room tidy and clutter-free too. They can have the same storage options as other fitted wardrobes, allowing you to tailor them to meet your needs.

Fitted wardrobes for kids bedrooms

Fitted wardrobes are particularly well-suited to children’s bedrooms. They can incorporate well with other fitted furniture, allowing parents to maximise the storage space available. At Robes & Rails, we can design and build fitted wardrobes with integrated desks, beds, bunk beds with dens underneath, and even gaming areas with TVs. Children often get designated the smallest bedrooms in homes, however, they usually have the most belongings! Fitted wardrobes can provide the ideal place to store not just their clothes, but all their toys and games too.

Incorporate lighting into fitted wardrobes

Many people who hire us to design and install fitted wardrobes in Lincoln and Grantham choose to have lighting incorporated. Adding lights to your wardrobe will give it a high-end look and feel, making your bedroom a much more enticing place to spend time. You could even opt for sensor-activated wardrobe lights to give the room a really contemporary vibe!

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