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How to decorate a small bedroom

Posted by formed on 25 August 2018

The average person in the UK will spend a whopping 27 years of their life asleep in bed. That’s a lot of time spent asleep, and when you factor in time spent getting up, time spent getting ready and those lazy days, that’s an even greater amount of time spent in the bedroom as a whole.

With such a significant amount of time spent in it, it’s vital you ensure your bedroom makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. This can sometimes be difficult though when occupying a small room, as you may feel you don’t have enough space to unwind. The team at Gliderobes understand just how important your bedroom is, so we’ve put together some tips on how to decorate a small bedroom to make it feel both spacious and relaxing.


The presence of mirrors in a small bedroom gives the convincing illusion of more space than there actually is. By reflecting back other surfaces, mirrors act almost as windows, tricking the eye into believing the room stretches farther than it actually does.

Storage beds

A large aspect of utilising the space in a bedroom is to minimise the amount of clutter and storage that take up precious floor space. One good idea for a small bedroom is to install a bed that contains drawers underneath it. Not only does this provide lots of storage space without taking up much room, but the drawers are easily accessible from your bed, so you won’t need to keep getting in and out to grab things.

Floating shelves

Rather than taking up vital space with clunky nightstands and desks, try using built-in or floating shelves. These subtle panels integrate with the wall and provide a great amount of storage space without taking up much room. The on-wall design means that you have more floor space free, leading to the room feeling more spacious overall.

Fitted wardrobe

The key to creating a spacious feel to a small bedroom is to integrate furniture into a room so that it takes up as little space as possible while still providing the same functionality. As seen in previous sections, floating shelves and storage beds do this fantastically, as both use innovative design to keep floor space free, ultimately creating a sense of spaciousness and providing a great amount of storage space.

A wardrobe typically takes up a huge portion of a small room, leaving the remaining space feeling small and cramped. A great way to free up this space is to implement a fitted wardrobe. Fitted wardrobes are bespoke structures that are designed specifically to utilise the space in a room. Unlike protruding free-standing wardrobes, fitted wardrobes will usually be created so that they merge seamlessly in a wall, greatly reducing the amount of space occupied on the floor. Besides spaciousness, wall-fitted wardrobes provide a beautiful simplistic aesthetic that greatly enhance the appearance of your room. In addition, fitted wardrobes are uniquely designed to fit your space exactly, meaning even awkward wall shapes can be used to house a stylish looking wardrobe.


At Gliderobes LTD, we offer a full bespoke package on custom-made wardrobes. We offer you the chance to either design your own wardrobe exactly how you like it, or let our expert team create a seamless wardrobe based on the unique specifications of your room. For more information about any of our highly recommended services, give our friendly team a call today

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