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Ideas for Redesigning Your Home Office

Posted by formed on 28 February 2016

As more and more jobs offer the flexibility of working from home, many are choosing to incorporate an office into their property so they have somewhere to focus. A home office should be a space of motivation and productivity, and your choice of decor can go a long way to improving this. As such, this article will provide you with a few inspirational ideas for redesigning your home office, so you can transform the room into a functional, stylish study space.

Maximise space

From a box room or under the stairs to a section in the living room or bedroom, wherever your office is located in your home, you must carefully plan the room so every last inch of space is used. Whether it’s just you, the kids or the entire family using the office, your choice of layout and storage solutions can help users work comfortably and efficiently.

A fitted floor to ceiling bookcase with shelving provides plenty of storage space for files and documents, utilising as much space as possible. You could even incorporate sliding doors into the design so files are hidden away for a neater look.

Desks with pull out shelves and inbuilt drawers help to maximise working space while keeping all essential items within reaching distance. The unique design of peninsula and corner desks not only adds style to the room, but it also provides a worktop wide enough to fit all work and equipment.


Your choice of lighting can transform your home office from a dark and dingy space into a haven of productivity! When deciding on lighting for the room, you must carefully consider the mood you want to create while you work. Examples include:

  • Natural lighting: if you are unlikely to get easily distracted by the view outside, why not position your desk near the window to work under the natural light?
  • Overhead/built in lighting
  • Dedicated task light: this plays an important role in avoiding eye strain and remaining focused
  • Ambient lighting: the warming atmosphere is an effective stress reliever
  • Corrective light: this is typically placed behind a monitor or screen to help alleviate bright glare, reducing eyestrain and headaches


Organisation and accessibility are key factors in a home office, so you don’t end up wasting valuable working time rifling through your belongings to find the important document you need. As such, all of your files, equipment and documents should be kept in one accessible, well arranged space so you can settle into your working day with ease.

Fitted cabinets and floating shelving can help you utilise all available space, ensuring there is a place for everything for optimum accessibility.

Robes and Rails

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