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Top things you need to know about fitted bedroom furniture [Infographic]

Posted by jask Media on 23 June 2021

Fitted bedroom furniture has become increasingly popular as more and more people look to maximise the space within their homes. Suitable for spaces of all shapes and sizes, fitted furniture reaches from floor to ceiling, making use of every inch of the available room. At Robes & Rails, we have been installing quality fitted furniture in Lincoln, Stamford, and Grantham for many years. We’ve built up a fantastic reputation throughout the area for our products and service. Here are the top things you need to know about fitted bedroom furniture.

Top things you need to know about fitted bedroom furniture [Infographic]



Will fitted furniture give you more space?

One of the top things you need to know about fitted bedroom furniture is it gives you much more space. Modern homes tend to lack storage space but fitted wardrobes can provide this in abundance. Unlike freestanding wardrobes that have gaps above and to the sides, they waste no space since they can be tailored to accommodate the full height of the room. Even bedrooms that are awkwardly shaped are suitable for fitted furniture. Wardrobes can be made to measure for bedrooms with tight corners or sloped ceilings, creating valuable storage space for belongings.     

You can choose interior options to fit your lifestyle

When you purchase fitted furniture in Lincoln, you can make sure its interior suits your specific storage needs. You can choose the number of shelves, racks, rails, and drawers, ensuring that there’s enough room for all your possessions. Count up your coats, suits, dresses, and pairs of shoes so that you know exactly what storage system you’ll need inside your fitted wardrobe. 

Whether you have a huge selection of tailored suits or you have a passion for shoes, you can be sure that all your attire can be catered to. As well as making space for clothes, you can also add useful cosmetic units, tie drawers, and jewellery drawers so that you can easily find things when you need them. Rummaging around in your wardrobe will be a thing of the past.

What’s great about bespoke fitted wardrobes is that there aren’t really any restrictions on what can go into them. Since we can design them to your exact specifications, it’s up to you what you store in them. You could even go as far as making space for media devices such as a TV or games console, adding a dressing table, or installing lights or mirrors.   

Furniture can suit your style and design tastes

One of the top things you need to know about fitted bedroom furniture is that it can be designed to suit your individual style tastes. When you buy wardrobes off the shelf, there’s a limited range of colours and designs to choose from. You might not succeed in finding the perfect piece for you. However, when you opt for custom-made furniture, you can ensure that it suits your preferences, as well as your existing décor. Some people choose to paint their fitted wardrobes the same colour as the walls so that they remain discreet and unobtrusive. This lets the bed stand out as the main feature, becoming the focal point of the room. 

Of course, you can always get more creative with the design of your fitted wardrobes, adding your personality to them using bright colours and interesting patterns. At Robes & Rails, we can turn your vision for your new wardrobes into reality. Our fitted furniture doesn’t just bring valuable storage space to your room; it also adds style and elegance in abundance. 

You’re making an investment 

Since space is such a valuable commodity in today’s homes, fitted bedroom furniture is highly sought after. Fitted wardrobes provide a solution to the lack of storage options, providing space for people to store all their clothes and their growing number of gadgets and accessories. As such, you can expect fitted furniture to add value to your home. Potential buyers will be more willing to pay a premium for a property with extra storage space. When you buy fitted wardrobes for your home, you’re making an investment that’s likely to pay off should you decide to sell up at some point in the future. 

Most budgets can be catered to

Many people think that they can’t afford fitted furniture in Lincoln, Grantham, and Stanford. They think it’s probably too expensive and that their budgets can only stretch to off the shelf wardrobes that don’t fully meet their needs. However, the truth is that fitted bedroom furniture is actually a lot more affordable than people realise. There are solutions available to meet a wide range of budgets. At Robes and Rails, we aim to keep our prices as competitive as possible. Our team strive to provide a real value for money service to our customers.

Your furniture will stand the test of time

When you purchase made to measure fitted furniture from Robes & Rails, you can rest assured that it will stand the test of time. We manufacture our pieces to the highest possible standards from top quality materials. Robust and durable, they will add style and function to your bedroom for a long time to come. You won’t need to worry about replacing your furniture after just a few short years.

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