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What are the benefits of a home office?

Posted by jask Media on 19 October 2022

With increasing numbers of people working remotely, it’s no surprise that home offices are in such high demand. At Robes & Rails, we’ve installed home offices in many properties in and around Lincoln, building a fantastic reputation for our high standard of workmanship. If you’re wondering “What are the benefits of a home office?”, read on. In this article, we’ve looked at the biggest reasons to install a stylish and functional office in your home.

5 reasons to install a home office

When Covid-19 hit in 2020, more and more of us began working from home, with nearly half of all employed people doing some homeworking in April. However, this trend began a long time before coronavirus hit. With advancements in technology making it possible to carry out computer-based work from anywhere, it’s become a possibility for many more people in recent times. Keep reading to find out what are the benefits of a home office.

Higher productivity Home Office Garage conversions in Lincoln

Working from home can sometimes be challenging, especially if you’re attempting to work from the kitchen table whilst your loved ones are coming in and out of the room. However, when you invest in a home office, you’ll have a dedicated workspace where you can benefit from privacy and peace and quiet. You’re likely to be more focused and productive as a result.

More organised 

Staying organised when working from home can be challenging. After all, this is also a place where you relax, unwind and have fun. Fortunately, a home office can help you to stay more organised, and, as a result, more focused and productive. At Robes & Rails, we can customise the space to your needs, adding storage for your important documents. You can store your files and folders in cupboards or on shelves, accessing them easily whenever you need them. This is a lot more orderly than keeping them on the kitchen table where they could easily become damaged or lost.

Make a good impression 

Making a good impression is vital in business. So, rather than risking your children appearing in the background as you’re doing a Zoom call or inviting clients into your messy living room, it’s a good idea to invest in a home office. At Robes & Rails, we can design and install a professional home office that’s ideal for meetings with business associates. We can help you to make the right impression on those people who really matter. 

Increase your home’s value

Whilst installing a home office isn’t cheap, it can be a worthy investment. This is because it’s likely to add significant value to your property. In some cases, it can add up to 10%, which is a considerable amount. With so many of us working from home, the demand for properties with offices is higher than ever. Home buyers are increasingly searching for homes with some form of office space included. Keep in mind that installing a home office is only likely to pay off if the work is carried out by a competent team using the very best quality materials. Consider your options carefully when looking for a company to complete the work. 

Customise the space to your needs 

When you invest in a home office from Robes & Rails, you can ensure that it is designed to meet your needs. We’ll customise the space to your exact requirements, creating the perfect space for you to work. We’ll work with you to ensure your new office is just as you envisaged. You can choose everything from the desk to the cupboards and shelving and even the colour scheme. 

Install a home office in Lincoln

At Robes & Rails, we have installed many home offices in Lincoln over the years. We design, build and install bespoke home office solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs. Whether you want us to convert an unused area of your garage into an office or make use of that idle space under the stairs, we can assist. All furniture is handmade and made to measure, ensuring it fits perfectly and achieves an exceptional finish that’s not just aesthetically pleasing but practical too. We’ll work quickly and efficiently when installing your new home office, ensuring you face as little downtime as possible. We can help you to get back to work in no time at all. 

Choose from a variety of home office solutions 

You might not think you have space from an office in your home. You may be resigned to working at the kitchen table for the rest of your working life. However, there are more options than you think when it comes to places to set up a home office. At Robes & Rails, we can install an office in many areas throughout the home, ranging from spare rooms and bedrooms to that underused space under the stairs. 

Office garage conversations are also a popular option, especially as many people don’t use all the space in their garage. We can discuss your options with you and help you to decide on a solution that’s right for your needs and budget. Expert advice comes as standard when you hire Robes & Rails to install a home office in your property.

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