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What are the different types of fitted wardrobes?

Posted by jask Media on 17 April 2023

A question that we are often asked at Robes & Rails is “What are the different types of fitted wardrobes?” There are many options available to you when it comes to fitted wardrobes in Lincoln. What’s right for one household isn’t always the best match for another, so it’s always wise to explore your options before you go ahead and place an order. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of fitted wardrobes on the market right now.

Walk-in fitted wardrobes

Many people opt for this type of wardrobe when they have a spare room. This option enables you to transform an entire room into a walk-in wardrobe if you choose something large enough. This can create more space in your main bedroom and can be particularly beneficial if you want to maintain a minimalistic look in the room that you sleep in. You could add items including hanging rails, drawers and shelves to three walls in your spare room. Alternatively, you can transform this space into a dressing room by adding a dressing table or a large mirror.

Around-the-bed fitted wardrobesFurniture Accessories in Lincoln

If you don’t have a large amount of floor space, you could install a fitted wardrobe around your bed. This option can work well in small and large bedrooms. Some people have hanging rails at each side of their bed, with the wardrobe also covering the space over the headboard of their bed. This solution can be ideal if you need extra storage for shoes, accessories and folded clothes. There are various size options available to you when it comes to overhead cupboards. There is no need to worry if you only have a small amount of space.

Alcove fitted wardrobes

If your room is unusually-shaped and has an alcove, a fitted bedroom wardrobe could be ideal. These wardrobes can fit into gaps of any size. Perhaps you want your wardrobe to be deeper than your alcove? If so, you may wish to let it protrude slightly.

Wall-to-wall fitted wardrobes

Wall-to-wall fitted wardrobes can work in rooms of all shapes and sizes. These wardrobes have become extremely popular over recent years. Once you have chosen which wall you want to add your wardrobe to and how deep you want it to be, you can go ahead and have it installed to give you floor-to-ceiling storage. 

If you don’t want to add a classic freestanding wardrobe to your space, these options can be ideal. These kinds of wardrobes allow you to make a big statement. Why not create a space that’s truly unique and relevant to your tastes? If you do need help with designing a space that meets your specific requirements, assistance is always available. An experienced designer can help you create something that will serve you well for many years to come. Opting for fitted wardrobes can mean making the most of the space that you have.

More benefits of fitted wardrobes

A fitted wardrobe enables you to optimise the space that you have available in your home. These wardrobes can be measured to fit perfectly so you’re not wasting any space. Many people avoid buying traditional freestanding wardrobes because it can be so difficult to find something that suits their space and fits snugly into it. A wardrobe that is too big for your bedroom can overshadow your other furniture, whilst one that’s too small can be overpowered by the rest of your room.

Keep on top of clutter

One of the biggest reasons fitted wardrobes have become so popular is that they can be tailored towards your specific needs so you can have all the shelving, rails and compartments that you require. You can also add as many mirrors as you require whilst gaining enough storage space to keep clutter fully at bay. Keeping on top of clutter can be great for your mental health and make you feel more emotionally connected to your private space.

You don’t have to worry about dusty awkward gaps once your wardrobes are installed or cleaning difficult-to-reach areas. Another key benefit of installing this kind of wardrobe is that it can add value to your home. Once installation is complete, you may be able to charge more for your property if you ever decide to sell up.

mirrored wardrobes in LincolnWho can install fitted wardrobes in Lincoln?

Now you know what are the different types of fitted wardrobes, you may be wondering who can design, manufacture and install them for you. At Robes & Rails, we have been supplying and installing fitted wardrobes in Lincoln for many years. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved over the years and can provide you with an installation that you can be truly proud of. You can rest assured that we always design, manufacture and install wardrobes with your total satisfaction in mind.

Why choose us?

Our team members originally served their apprenticeships within our company. They are as experienced as they are dedicated and can always be relied upon to demonstrate the highest standards of workmanship. We create bespoke wardrobes using the finest materials available to us. We have done so since we were first founded over thirty years ago.

If you ever want to speak to us in person, why not visit our newly renovated showroom and see our extraordinary range first-hand? Over the years, we have become renowned for the quality of our bespoke bedrooms and wardrobes, home office furniture and accessories. Our team are highly approachable and incredibly knowledgeable about our home improvement solutions. You can even book a free home visit if you wish. This will enable our specialists can identify the best way to help you.

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