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Benefits of mirrored wardrobes

Posted by jask Media on 26 July 2022

Has the time come to replace your wardrobes? If so, you may be considering mirrored wardrobes. Mirrored wardrobes have been a popular choice for several years, with styles ranging from those with sliding mirrored wardrobe doors to models with mirrors attached to the outward opening doors. At Robes & Rails, we can design and manufacture mirrored wardrobes bespoke to your needs, installing them in your home to the highest standards. Read on to find out more about the benefits of mirrored wardrobes.

5 big reasons to invest in mirrored wardrobes 

Mirrored wardrobes have remained consistently popular throughout the years, sought after due to their ability to make a bedroom feel more light, bright and spacious. Many people opt to buy them from Robes & Rails because we offer a bespoke service, with our team able to design and build wardrobes that meet your needs and tastes perfectly. Keep reading to discover the many benefits of mirrored wardrobes.  

Make a room feel more spaciousBenefits of mirrored wardrobes

One of the biggest benefits of mirrored wardrobes is that they help a room look more spacious. This is because the reflective nature of mirrors makes them extremely effective at making smaller spaces appear larger. They create an illusion of depth, tricking the eye into thinking there’s more space than there really is. The optical illusion occurs as the mirrors reflect light and colour across the room. Our eyes perceive the reflections as increased volume, making the room look bigger. 

So, if your bedroom is on the small side and you want it to look more spacious, it’s worth considering mirrored wardrobes in Lincoln. We recommend opting for sliding door wardrobes since they will take up less space than those that open outwards. Since the doors simply slide across, less space is necessary in that area of the bedroom. Plus, when you have a wardrobe with mirrors attached to its doors, there’s no need to add a freestanding mirror, saving you even more space.

Bring more light into your bedroom

Aside from making a room appear more spacious, mirrored wardrobes enhance room lighting. The mirrors reflect the natural light that comes into the room, making it appear lighter and brighter. Some mirrors also have artificial lights installed, further increasing the amount of light. It’s important to place your mirrored wardrobes strategically to ensure that they reflect the maximum amount of light. Placing it near a window can be useful since this is where they will receive the most light. 

If you feel your bedroom is dull and it doesn’t get much natural light from outside, it’s worth considering mirrored wardrobes to brighten it up. The added brightness can improve your mood by raising serotonin levels. Light is essential for our health and wellbeing. 

Add a wealth of style 

Mirrored wardrobes are incredibly sleek and stylish, adding a contemporary edge to a room. Elegant and sophisticated, they have a really stunning finish that can instantly transform interiors. So, if you’re seeking a striking, modern bedroom in your home, mirrored wardrobes could be a great investment. When you buy them from Robes & Rails, you can choose from a variety of styles, colours, and finishes, allowing you to select the perfect wardrobes for your tastes and existing décor. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or you want to make a bold statement, we have the ideal wardrobes for you. 

More storage space

Sliding mirrored wardrobes offer a huge amount of storage space. Since they can be made bespoke to your needs, you can ensure that they have as many shelves, drawers, racks, rails and hooks as you require. This allows you to store your clothes and accessories so that you can find them easily when you need them. Storage space is often limited in modern homes, however, sliding mirrored wardrobes can help to create much more of it. Mirrored wardrobes can help to reduce mess and clutter in your bedroom, making it tidier and more ordered. 

Mirrored Wardrobes in LincolnIncrease your home’s value 

In some cases, adding sliding mirrored wardrobes can add value to your home. This is because this style of wardrobe is highly desirable due to the amount of storage space and style it brings to a bedroom. It’s likely to attract potential buyers who may be willing to pay more as a result. So, if you plan on putting your home on the market at some point in the future, it makes sense to consider sliding mirrored wardrobes in Lincoln. They can serve as a worthy investment that pays off further down the line.   

Mirrored wardrobes in Lincoln

Look no further than Robes & Rails if you’re seeking stylish and affordable mirrored wardrobes in Lincoln. We’ve been designing and manufacturing mirrored wardrobes for many years, becoming renowned for our beautiful furniture that’s constructed to the highest possible standards. All our wardrobes are produced by highly experienced Lincolnshire labourers, ensuring exceptional quality and longevity. 

Our expert advisors are on hand to provide advice and guidance when choosing mirrored wardrobes for your home. We can assist you in choosing the right style, establishing the optimal location for the furniture, and deciding how to utilise the interior storage space most effectively. 

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