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Can I replace my wardrobe doors? [ Infographic ]

Posted by jask Media on 19 August 2022

If your wardrobe doors have started to look worse for wear, tired and dated, or they no longer suit your décor, you might be wondering if you can replace them. The good news is that it’s possible to do this, with Robes & Rails on hand to provide a professional and affordable wardrobe door installation service in Lincoln. Read on to find out the answer to the question “Can I replace my wardrobe doors?”

Can I replace my wardrobe doors?

Can sliding wardrobe doors be replaced?

Sometimes, the condition of sliding wardrobe doors can start to diminish over time, leaving them looking past their best. This isn’t surprising when you consider that you’re opening and closing them every day. Fortunately, you can replace them relatively easily, without needing to change the storage behind them. Replacing your wardrobe doors can create a great new look for your bedroom, enhancing the space brilliantly. Don’t assume that you need to replace the entire wardrobe if you want new doors. This isn’t necessary since new sliding doors can simply be installed onto the existing framework. 

Should I replace the whole wardrobe?Sliding Wardrobe doors in Lincoln

There’s no need to replace the whole wardrobe if it’s only the doors that you’re not happy with. New doors can easily be installed onto the existing wardrobe system. However, you may choose to do so if it’s become damaged or is looking worse for wear. Another reason why you might opt to replace the whole wardrobe is if the built-in storage options aren’t meeting your needs. Maybe you’ve got a new job and need more space for hanging up suits, or your shoe collection has grown. Or perhaps you want to install a TV or dressing table into the wardrobe in order to save space in your bedroom. A wardrobe can be designed according to your specific requirements. It can be created to suit your lifestyle perfectly.

Ultimately, if you’re happy with the wardrobe itself and simply want to refresh the doors, it doesn’t make sense to replace the whole system. Not only is it extra hassle and expense but it can also create more unnecessary waste. This in turn is bad news for the environment. With more people adopting an eco-friendly attitude, simply replacing the wardrobe doors is often the preferred option. We can do this for you here at Robes & Rails, providing a professional and efficient wardrobe door installation service.

Can I replace my wardrobe doors myself?

Whilst it’s possible to replace wardrobe doors yourself, it’s not advisable if you lack the required expertise. Although you might think it can save you money, the task can be challenging and you could run into problems along the way. Fitting wardrobe doors can be a more complex task than you might assume. Many people regret attempting to fit their doors themselves after making costly errors. If you want your wardrobe doors to be installed to the highest standards, it’s best to hire the services of a professional installer in your area.

Made to measure wardrobe doors in Lincoln

Replacing your wardrobe doors is easy when you enlist our services. Whether your wardrobe doors have broken or you simply want to refresh and update this key part of your bedroom, we can assist. At Robes & Rails, we craft and install made-to-measure wardrobe doors in Lincoln. When you hire our services, we’ll visit your home. This is done so that we can take accurate measurements of your existing wardrobe doors. We’ll then design brand-new doors for your wardrobe using state-of-the-art 3D computer technology. 

Your doors will be crafted by highly skilled Lincolnshire labourers, ensuring the finished result meets your needs and expectations. Our wardrobe doors aren’t just stylish and elegant but they are built to last from the best quality materials. They will be fitted to the very highest standards, providing you with many years of use and enjoyment. 

We have served many people throughout the city, building a great reputation for ourselves. Why not check out the testimonials on our website to see what our customers think about our service? 

Wardrobe doors in various colours and finishes

The bedroom is one of the key rooms within your home. Furthermore, it serves as a place to sleep but also somewhere to relax and unwind away from the stresses of life. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure that it meets your tastes and preferences. Choosing the right wardrobe doors can go some way to helping you create the perfect space in your bedroom. Doors that are dated, worn out or that aren’t in keeping with the existing décor can impact your enjoyment of the room.

That’s why we offer wardrobe doors in a wide range of styles, colours, and finishes. We specialise in sliding doors here at Robes & Rails, however, we can also offer other options, including hinged doors and mirrored doors. We also offer wardrobe door accessories, from tracks and hinges to handles, ensuring they open smoothly. For expert advice on choosing the right style, accessories, colour or finish for your wardrobe doors, talk to our team today. We have installed wardrobe doors for hundreds of local people over the years. This in turn has given us a huge amount of knowledge and expertise. We offer wardrobe doors to suit various budgets too.

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