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Does fitted bedroom furniture add value to your home?

Posted by jask Media on 19 August 2021

Are you thinking about buying fitted bedroom furniture? If so, you may be wondering does fitted bedroom furniture add value to your home? This is a common query amongst homeowners, with many looking to add built-in wardrobes, cupboards, and shelving to raise their properties’ value. At Robes n Rails, we’re one of the leading suppliers of fitted bedroom furniture in Lincoln. Our beautiful pieces take pride of place in homes across the city.

What is fitted bedroom furniture?

Fitted bedroom furniture is made to measure, ensuring it fits perfectly in the space available. This not only maximises your storage space, but it also looks much cleaner and more stylish. Any gaps are eliminated, giving a sleek and streamlined look. Fitted wardrobes are often viewed as a more luxurious alternative to freestanding wardrobes. They’re becoming increasingly popular in homes across Lincoln, with Robes n Rails one of the city’s leading suppliers.

How does fitted bedroom furniture add value to a property?

Whilst most people usually buy fitted bedroom furniture to give them more storage space and accommodate awkward nooks within a room, an added benefit is that it can add value to a property. If fitted to a high standard by a reputable firm, the added value can even surpass the total cost of the installation. This makes fitted wardrobes so much more than a luxury – they’re an investment. Here’s how fitted bedroom furniture can add value to your home.

Quality pieces of furniture

When you buy fitted bedroom furniture in Lincoln, you’re investing in quality pieces of furniture. At Robes n Rails, our furniture has been expertly crafted to the highest possible standards from the very best materials. Therefore, you can expect it to not only look fantastic but stand the test of time too. It will carry on looks its best for many years to come. Quality-made furniture is very appealing to buyers, which means your home is likely to become much more saleable.

More storage space

Buyers put a big premium on storage, particularly in large cities like Lincoln. This means that your investment is very likely to be recouped if you do decide to sell your home in the future. Fitted furniture can offer an abundance of storage, with every inch of wasted space taken up to provide valuable room for belongings. Many people struggle to find storage for blankets, bedsheets, shoes, and other possessions, but there’s usually a place for them when you have fitted furniture.

Utilise awkward spaces

Many people will write off an awkwardly shaped spare room or attic area, assuming it is unusable. However, when you invest in fitted furniture, you can really transform a room, taking full advantage of the space available. Even the tightest spaces can be maximised, with fitted wardrobes and cupboards integrating effortlessly into them. Fitted sliding wardrobes are a great way to expand the space in an angled room or one which has a sloping ceiling. Fitted furniture can transform an unused, unloved room into a comfortable spare bedroom, potentially increasing the value of your home.

Stylish and chic

Long gone are the days when house buyers were happy with bulky, freestanding furniture. These days, they demand more, with stylish, integrated wardrobes and cupboards top of their list. Chic fitted furniture gives a modern edge to a bedroom, making it so much more appealing to potential buyers when they come to view it. What’s more is that it’s unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon. Unlike freestanding wardrobes, fitted furniture is likely to hold its style for many years to come.

Modern furniture solutions

Fitted bedroom furniture is in high demand, with house buyers seeking modern solutions that are not just stylish but that make their lives easier. At Robes n Rails, we can craft bespoke wardrobes with integrated TVs and games consoles, or cleverly installed shelving with stylish lighting solutions. Our skilled team can create a wide range of custom fitted bedroom furniture in Lincoln, allowing you to make your home so much more pleasing to today’s property buyers.

Other ways to add value to your home

Fitted bedroom furniture is a fantastic way to raise your home’s value. Even if you don’t want to relocate right now, you may do in the future, and fitted wardrobes can help you get the best price for your property. Of course, installing fitted furniture in your bedroom isn’t the only way you can add value to your home. At Robes n Rails, we’ve helped many people to increase the worth of their properties. As well as manufacturing and fitting the highest quality bedroom furniture, we also carry out home office installations.

With more and more people working from home, office space within a property is in high demand. In fact, many now have it firmly at the top of their list when it comes to buying a property. Therefore, adding an office to your home can make it much more attractive to buyers, ensuring it’s more saleable. Robes n Rails offers both under stair and garage office conversations, with our team crafting and installing top quality desks, cupboards, and shelving to the highest possible standards.

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