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What are sliding wardrobe doors and how do they work?

Posted by jask Media on 19 August 2021

Are you looking for sliding wardrobe doors for your bedroom? If so, you’re certainly not alone. They’ve become increasingly popular in recent times, with many people enjoying their sleek visual appeal and space-saving qualities. If you’re looking for sliding wardrobe doors in Lincoln, look no further than Robes & Rails. We specialise in their design and installation, with our team fitting them in homes across the region for many years. To find out more about our sliding wardrobe doors and how they work, read on.

What exactly are sliding wardrobe doors?

Sliding wardrobe doors are highly sought after amongst Lincoln homeowners, with more and more people choosing them over more traditional options. Modern and stylish, they add class and elegance to your bedroom whilst also maximising space. When you choose Robes & Rails for your new sliding doors, they’ll be custom made to fit your room perfectly. The size of your bedroom won’t matter, as these versatile doors can be opened and closed easily without obstructing any other fixtures or fittings. You can gain easy access to your wardrobe, however limited the space within the room maybe.

Designed to meet your needs and tastes

At Robes & Rails, we provide a fully bespoke service, allowing us to design and manufacture sliding wardrobe doors which meet your exact needs and tastes. So, whether you’re seeking a contemporary or traditional look, you can rest assured that we can assist. We offer a wide variety of colours and finishes not just the exterior of your sliding doors, but the interior too. We even offer superb mirrored glass doors for wardrobes. Mirrored glass is a type of reflective glass which has been treated with a metallic substance, giving it mirror-like properties. It won’t fail to add a touch of class to your room.

Sliding wardrobes offer so many possibilities when it comes to design and style. You can completely change up the aesthetics of your room with some carefully chosen sliding doors. From modern and luxurious to classic and unpretentious, they can easily transform a room. With regular freestanding wardrobes, getting the exact look and feel you want can be tough. However, when you choose Robes & Rails to design your bespoke sliding doors for your wardrobe, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Versatile storage for your bedroom

When we design wardrobe doors for our clients, we’ll always take into account what will be stored inside them. So, whether you want to store suits or dresses, t-shirts, underwear, or something else altogether, we can create your ideal closet space. We can install rails for clothing as well as shelves and compartments for items like bags and shoes. You’ll be able to keep your belongings organised, making sure they’re easy to find when you want them.

The bedroom is easily one of the busiest rooms within the home and one which gets cluttered particularly easily. After all, it’s where you begin and ends your day, potentially with several visits in between. Sliding wardrobes offer convenient storage that allows you to say goodbye to clutter once and for all.

Our team will work with you closely to turn your vision into reality, making sure your new sliding wardrobe doors don’t just meet but surpass your expectations. If you’re unsure what style or finish you’d like for your wardrobe, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our team. We can discuss your various options with you, helping you to select the perfect wardrobe doors for your room.

The ideal space-saving solution

Many people choose sliding wardrobe doors rather than conventional freestanding wardrobes and cupboards due to their fantastic space-saving properties. As the doors don’t open up into a room, they allow you to maximise the available floor space. They’re often built i nto existing walls or alcoves, which means they can deliver additional stor age space without compromising existing areas. If you choose to integrate mirrors into your doors, you’ll find that the reflection helps to makes the space within a room look even bigger and brighter. Your once-cramped room will begin to feel much more spacious and streamlined. Many people even choose to install a TV in their sliding wardrobe, displaying it when required. This removes the need to place a bulky TV cabinet in your room, saving you even more space.

Book a home visit

Investing in sliding wardrobe doors is a decision few people live to regret, so why not start the process today? Our team can come to your home to discuss your needs with you, outlining your various choices and options. We’ll also measure up whilst we’re there, making sure your new custom wardrobe doors fit your room perfectly. We’ve installed sliding wardrobes in hundreds of properties across Lincoln, so you can rest assured that a highly professional finish will be achieved. Later on, we’ll send you a written quote for the work to be carried out, with no-obligation for you to go ahead if you’re not totally happy.

Visit our local showroom

If you’re thinking of investing in high-quality sliding wardrobe doors in Lincoln but you’re not ready for our team to visit you at home, why not come to our local showroom? Situated on Whispy Road near the city centre, we’re easy to find. You can view our wonderful range of wardrobe doors for yourself, with our designers on hand to help you choose the right solutions to meet your needs and budget. We use the most up to date software to design the perfect sliding wardrobe for your room, whatever the dimensions or shape of the room.

Whether you want to refresh your room with a brand-new look, generate extra storage space, or create the illusion of more space in a smaller room, sliding wardrobe doors could be the perfect solution. Our custom-made sliding doors are in high demand, so it makes sense to get in touch today. Call us on 01522 387 037 or email

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