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How to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Furniture

Posted by formed on 2 March 2013

Your bedroom is one of the most important places of your home and, as a very multi-functional environment, it is also one of the most used. Not only is it a place to relax and sleep in, it is also where many of your personal belongings are stored, such as clothes, linen, toiletries and jewellery.


It is therefore crucial that when you refurbish or redecorate your bedroom, you carefully choose the right furniture for you, your uses and your surroundings. But with so many options and choices, bedroom furniture selection can be a confusing, complex and, at times, exhausting task, which is why we have compiled this list of helpful tips when choosing your new bedroom furniture…

Bedroom Furniture Lincoln

Consider how much storage space is required…

It is incredibly important that, when furnishing your bedroom, you carefully consider how much storage space you need. Many people forget to thoroughly plan this crucial step through and end up significantly underestimating how much they actually own and, as a result, don’t have enough space to store everything.

Bedroom furniture is made up of 5 main pieces: bed, chest of drawers, wardrobe, dresser and bedside table, and most people use various combinations of these pieces of furniture to make up their bedroom suite. Deciding what you require from your bedroom and what you wish to store in it is crucial. For example, do you watch television in it? Do you get dressed in it? The answers to these will influence what furniture you need to purchase and how much storage space you will need.

You should also consider vertical space, as this is a very under-utilised option in many homes, and furniture such as shelving units can offer lots of valuable storage without taking up too much floor space.

Tip: Actually look at how much you own before buying furniture, as planning where everything will fit is much more effective than estimating. It may also be worth considering fitted bedroom furniture, as this is tailored to your unique specifications and can make the most of every available storage space option.

Make sure the furniture fits well in the bedroom…Made to measure Wardrobe Doors in Lincoln


It is easy when looking for furniture to focus so much on the style and appearance that you forget the practical features, such as size. It is important to make sure that the items you purchase will actually fit in your bedroom, whilst still giving you enough room to walk around and conduct daily tasks, such as making the bed and getting ready.

If space is short, there are great space-saving solutions available which aim to utilise every scrap of available space, such as extendable dressing tables and slimmer, double-rail wardrobes.

Tip: Measure and draw your bedroom out before starting to choose furniture. You can then plan where each piece will go and try different lay-outs in order to find the most space effective option. If your bedroom has a unique layout, such as alcoves and recesses, fitted furniture could be the perfect solution as it can ensure that no area is wasted and is, instead, designed into the furniture itself.

Think about how durable the furniture is…

Your bedroom furniture will become some of the most frequently used pieces of furniture you own, with drawers and doors being opened and closed on a daily basis. This means it is incredibly important that your bedroom furniture is durable, hard-wearing and securely built.

It is now common for furniture manufacturers to base their heaviest emphasis on price, without much of a mention to quality, making it easy to simply opt for the cheapest option. However, lower priced items can have significantly shorter life spans, meaning you’ll have to pay for a replacement every year or two. Instead, think about how cost-effective each item of furniture is and how long they are likely to last. The best piece of furniture is one which successfully combines durable, high-quality design with competitively low prices.

Tip: Thoroughly inspect how well the furniture is made before making a purchase. Check for smooth surfaces, both inside and out, examine how the furniture has been put together and also test how the opening and closing mechanisms work. Consider visiting an independent furniture manufacture, as they often create bespoke furniture of a more superior standard.

Choose styles, colours and finishes carefully…


Furniture is an investment purchase and one which you should expect to own and use for a considerable period of time. As such, it is important to thoroughly consider the various styles and options available, viewing a selection and thinking about each item carefully.

Rather than going for the first piece of furniture which catches your eye, explore the various themes, colours and finishes available to you. Think about the overall look you want to create and base your furniture style on that. For example, do you want your bedroom to be sleek and modern, quirky and individual or traditional and elegant?

Tip: Ask to see a selection of various styles and finishes before making any decisions. Most furniture manufacturers have an impressive and highly varied selection of choices, and once you have a basic idea, it is much simpler to decide on the finishing touches.

For more information on bedroom furniture, or if you would like to arrange a consultation to begin the transformation of your bedroom, contact the professionals at Robes ‘n’ Rails today!

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