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Fitted Furniture vs. Freestanding: The Advantages of Bespoke Furniture

Posted by formed on 2 April 2013

Fitted furniture has numerous benefits over the standard, mass produced, freestanding alternatives. Here we go through some of those advantages:


#1 Make better use of your available space

Unlike freestanding furniture, fitted furniture is made to fit the specific area it is being used in. This means you can make use of all your available space, including all those awkward corners, unnecessary alcoves and otherwise inaccessible areas. Fitted furniture is also ideal for attics, loft conversions and extensions as they can offer fantastic storage solutions for rooms with sloping ceilings or indented walls.


#2 Customisation options available

Once the frame of the fitted furniture has been designed to match the exact specifications of your room, you can then customise the finish to your precise needs, tastes and theme. For example, if you are installing a fitted wardrobe would you like a mirrored, sliding or hinged design You can also select the materials used, choosing between a wealth of colours and styles to match the aesthetics of your home.


#3 Creates a much more organised storage space

Whether you are refurbishing your bedroom or creating a home office, fitted furniture can provide a highly efficient form of storage. Not only are they tailored to your bespoke measurements, making use of every single bit of space, but the purpose and use of each piece can be custom-made to your requirements.

For example, home office furniture can be adapted for your specific needs and feature distinct areas to store files, equipment and documents. Wardrobes can also benefit greatly from well arranged, individually designed storage spaces and can have a specific home for all your items – whether you need shelves for t-shirts or rails for shoes!


#4 Easy to maintain

Freestanding furniture can often leave huge gaps of space at the top and around the sides, leaving you with unused areas that simply sit and gather dirt. Not only are these areas visually unappealing, but they can also be extremely difficult to clean, particularly the tops of wardrobes. However, as fitted furniture fits perfectly into the available space there are no open areas where dust and dirt can build up – meaning you can put down that feather duster!


So, transform your home today…

Fitted furniture can really transform the look of your home, providing you with made-to-measure, beautifully designed furniture unique to you, your home and your specifications. Not only are they highly practical due to their efficient use of space and organised storage, but they can also make your home look tidier, less cluttered and seamless – removing those ugly gaps that freestanding furniture bring.

Here at Robes ‘n’ Rails we offer an impressive range of fitted furniture, whether it be for a bedroom, office, bathroom or living area. All our furniture is manufactured from the most superior standard materials and guarantees to combine durable, reliable use with stunning finishes.

So whether you are looking at fitted furniture in order to make your home as unique and individual as possible or would like to make the most of the available room you have, get in touch with the experts at Robes ‘n’ Rails today!


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