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How To Choose The Perfect Furniture for Your Loft Conversion

Posted by formed on 24 February 2014

Whether you’ve chosen to utilise your new loft conversion as a games room or as an extra bedroom, you will probably find yourself tight for space. Many loft spaces weren’t designed to be a frequented part of the home and even with the best conversion you can be limited in the furniture you can fit into the room. The sloping eaves will prevent fitting tall items, while anything tucked down low will be cumbersome to reach.

With this in mind we have collected a handful of recommendations for furniture which saves on space and will improve practicality in your brand new loft conversion.

Surprise television

For most rooms in a modern home a television is essential, and while you might not be able to fit a cinematic sized flat screen into the room you could still make use of a substantial sized television if you hide it. The popular way to do this is to have it lowered in a cabinet at the end of the bed. At a push of a button the television will rise through the top, leaving a good portion of the cabinet to remain as storage space. Not only is this a stylish and modern way to use the space but it offers practicality in terms of space.

Corner cut-out desk

Often, people like to use their loft conversion as a study or a library, a quieter retreat in which to work, do some paperwork or just relax and do some reading. Bearing in mind the lack of space in a loft conversion, you can make the most of what you do have by having a desk which hugs a corner or wall of the room. Better yet, you’ll get more space if the desk has a cut out into which a person can sit and have working surfaces either side of them. With this you’ll avoid having a clunky office chair taking up more floor space as you can tuck into the desk when it’s not in use.

Under sink cupboard

When you have a bathroom fitted in your conversion, whether it takes up the entire floor or is just an en suite, you will no doubt have plenty of items you want to keep at hand, such as cleaning products, beauty products and, if you have children, toys. By having cupboards fitted under your sink you can both hide any protruding pipework to maintain a clean interior finish and stock your most used items under here. This reduces the need for any other storage space or clutter, leaving more room to create a light and spacious bathroom.

Bespoke wardrobes

Low ceilings and angled walls can put up a lot of barriers when you’re trying to install some storage space for a bedroom or even a study. To get around this tricky problem you can now get bespoke fitted furniture, such as wardrobes, which are perfectly tailored to your loft conversion, slotting in neatly and precisely. You’ll be able to get the most out of your highest points as well as the lowest points. Sliding doors and mirrored doors will also enable you to store as many shoes and clothes as you wish. This maximises your space while giving you a unique piece of furniture to suit your room.

Whatever style or design of bespoke furniture you require for your loft conversion, we provide an array of fitted furniture tailored to your requirements here at Robes ‘n’ Rails. We take on board your individual needs and will carry out the installation to the highest standards, helping you create the ideal space.

To get more information on our fitted furniture, or any other services, or to have a consultation with a member of our professional team, then get in touch with us today.



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