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Feng Shui Tips for Your Bed and Bedroom

Posted by formed on 30 October 2013

Whether you’re a Feng Shui enthusiast, or a complete novice, everyone can learn something from the guidelines which govern the movement, particularly when it comes to designing your bedroom.

According to the Feng Shui movement, the arrangement and positioning of our belongings can largely affect our health, relationships, success and wealth, with the sole aim to balance energy levels in order to achieve optimal happiness and productivity.

So considering all the ways it can enhance your lifestyle, you’d have thought it would


be rather complex and difficult to achieve. But think again. Feng Shui builds on simple, subtle changes to your interior that promotes a harmonious and nourishing environment.


We’ve listed some of these simple steps you can follow to enhance or achieve a calming, sensual, relaxing bedroom environment.


  • Position your bed so it’s not in direct line with the door, but you can still see it. If you can still see it then in Feng Shui guidelines, it’s thought that you’re facing your opportunity.
  • If, on the other hand, the door is straight in front of you when lying on the bed, this is known as the ‘coffin’ position and represents how the dead are carried out of the house through the door. This does not promote a restful sleep and also exposes you to chi (invisible energy) throughout the night, which again will not create a peaceful sleep.
  • Ideally, the head of the bed should be placed against a wall, not a window, to promote positive energy.
  • For chi to flow around your bedroom, the bed should be open on three sides and not pushed up against a wall.
  • There should be equal spaces either side of the bed For instance, if you have a bed side table on one side, make sure you have one on the other side too.


  • Skin coloured, neutral tones are soothing and calming e.g. magnolia, peach, and cocoa.
  • Light blues, mint greens and lavenders are thought to be very restful colours that help encourage peaceful sleep.
  • If you decide to mix these two colour groups together, then make sure it’s a balanced 50/50, as too much of one will offset the other.


  • Remove anything that will distract you from resting peacefully e.g. televisions, computers, mobile phone and any work related items.
  • If you insist on having some of these in your room still, then at least cover them up with something like a towel or blanket before you go to sleep.
  • Keep your room free from clutter; this will help chi flow well around the room.


  • Mirrors bounce energy round the room, create chaos and are known to enhance worries and cause sleepless nights.
  • If you want them in the room, they should be kept away from the bed and you should not be able to see yourself in them when lying on the bed.
  • Never hang a mirror on the opposite wall to your bed; it’s thought to represent a third party in your relationship, encouraging infidelity.


  • Ensure there are no sharp angles from furniture facing you during sleep. Unfortunately this does limit where you can put your bedroom furniture. Fitted furniture such as wardrobes would be the perfect option to eliminate any angles from promoting negative energy.
  • Furniture and objects need to be placed so that all external and internal doorways are kept clear. If they’re blocked, this becomes a symbol for blocked opportunities.
  • Main pieces of bedroom furniture i.e. desks or wardrobes should be placed in the ‘command’ position. This is the space facing the door and just off to the side. This position promotes good energy and is a naturally good place for things to fit.

You may find it’s not possible to fully Feng Shui your whole bedroom according to the guidelines, but if you try some of these simple changes then hopefully your bedroom will become a much more comfortable and restful place to spend your time, and may even improve your sleep as well!

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