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How to Decorate Your Loft

Posted by formed on 20 September 2020

So, you’ve converted your loft and are thrilled with all of the extra space available. There are so many possibilities when it comes to how you use your additional room, but with limited space that’s often awkwardly laid out, it can be difficult to know how exactly you should decorate it.

In this article, on how to decorate your loft, we’ll give you some interior design inspiration so that you can maximise the potential of your new space and make it truly inviting.

Design a whole new bedroomFitted Bedroom Furniture in Stamford

Probably one of the main motivations for converting loft space is the ability to use it as an additional bedroom. This is a great option for growing families or those with regular guests, as it gives you a bigger home without having to move.

When it comes to designing a bedroom in a loft conversion, you’ll want to keep it simple. Lofts tend to have limited space and their slanted walls can make you feel even more claustrophobic. Avoid introducing clutter and too many bold patterns, as this can make the room feel too busy, whereas a bedroom is somewhere you should be able to relax.

Choosing white or pastel-coloured paint for the walls not only makes the room feel less closed-in but also creates a calm ambience, making the room more of an escape from the noise below. Mirrors, as well as being a practical essential when getting ready, can create the illusion that a room is twice its size whilst also reflecting more light into the room.

Create a multi-use space

How to Decorate Your Loft

Your loft conversion doesn’t have to be a bedroom; there are countless options when it comes to what kind of room you can turn it into. You don’t have to choose just one, either – why not make it a space you can use for multiple everyday activities?

Lofts provide the ideal space for a study, as they are much quieter than the rest of the home. You could take advantage of bespoke office furniture that fits perfectly in the room. The decoration can be kept fairly minimalist to avoid distraction – think clean lines and monochrome colour schemes, maybe with a pop of colour to keep things fresh.

On the other hand, another way of making the most of the peace and quiet could be to use your loft conversion as your very own yoga studio. Use light colours, cosy furnishings and lots of plants to enhance that Zen feeling.

A dressing room is another great use of a loft conversion. You can make the most of awkward corners and slanted roofs by installing fitted wardrobes and storage solutions. Using rich colours, luxurious materials and elegant fixings such as mirrors and chandeliers can make the space feel more swanky.


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