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Ideas & tips for decorating your child’s bedroom

Posted by formed on 20 April 2016

Delivering on both functionality and style, a child’s bedroom is a place where they can have adventures and escape into their own world, without you having to worry about their safety. 20 so this article will provide innovative ideas and top tips for decorating a children’s bedroom, without having to break the bank.


1. Storage space

Although mess is inevitable in most kids’ rooms, there are a plethora of storage ideas which can make tidying up clothes and toys an easier task. Space-saving fitted furniture uses as much additional room as possible for storage, with bespoke pieces designed for your individual application. These include:

  • Cabin beds with built-in storage underneath
  • Over bed storage cabinets or shelves
  • Wardrobes with built-in shelving or drawers
  • Built-in storage underneath beds and inside wardrobes, as well as fitted shelves and chest of drawer units are excellent space saving storage solutions as they utilise every inch of space in the room, leaving plenty of space for your child to play!

2. Creative cabin beds

You need to carefully consider the layout of the bedroom to make sure it is designed with the growth and development of your young one in mind.
The space-saving qualities of cabin beds have made them a popular choice in kids bedrooms for children of varying ages. From young kids looking to create dens and tunnels in their room, to older children who require a pull-out desk and bookcase for studying, the versatility of fitted cabin beds makes for the ideal solution. Their adaptability means they can be easily adjusted as your child grows older to suit their changing needs; they don’t stay small for long, after all!

3. Colour scheme

From the latest superhero film, to characters from their favourite book, themed rooms are a popular choice for children. While you may choose to decorate the room in bright prints and colours, keeping a neutral colour palette for your furniture will ensure a style which can be used for many years to come, no matter how much the rest of the room changes.

4. Safety

Safety is paramount in any child’s bedroom, as the large pieces of furniture and room accessories can prove harmful if they are not made and installed correctly. Fitted furniture offers a safe, secure alternative to free-standing units which can topple and fall onto your child.
Here at Robes n Rails, we provide a complete measurement service to ensure the piece of fitted furniture fits the exact dimensions of your child’s room. Not only will this create a flawless look, it will also ensure the furniture is securely fitted in place.

Robes n Rails

As one of Lincoln’s leading specialists of fitted bedrooms, we offer innovative, space-saving fitted furniture for children’s bedrooms to create clever storage, without encroaching on play space. These include:

  • Cabin beds with under-bed storage
  • Shelving units which double up as hanging space
  • Wardrobes with built-in drawers

From the initial contact to the design stage and installation, we are on hand every step of the process to find the perfect piece of furniture which delivers on functionality without compromising on style. Simply get in touch today to find out more about any of our services.

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