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Space Saving Tips for Apartment Living

Posted by formed on 22 August 2016

If there’s one thing that all of us could have a little more of in our homes it’s more space, especially in an apartment. But finding creative ways to both spruce up your living space and provide storage opportunities can be a hard task for the average homeowner, which is why this month we’ll be looking at the top space saving tips for apartment living to help you capitalise on the space your place affords you!

It’s Curtains for Your Doors!

Though you might not give your doors a second thought when thinking about space saving methods, stop and consider them for a second: doors require a lot of open space to swing open freely, effectively annexing swathes of your room. You can reclaim these areas by removing your doors and replacing them with curtains. The rail and curtain will be far less intrusive on your space than a cumbersome door. Moreover, you’ll be able to get creative with the curtain in ways you would never have been able to with the door.


Sliding Door Wardrobes

Likewise to the above point, a wardrobe takes up a lot of space in your apartment, and you’ll also have to make space for your wardrobe’s doors to open too. However, a fitted wardrobe will minimise the space your wardrobe occupies while maximising storage options, and a fitted wardrobe with sliding doors eliminates the problem of making space for your doors to swing open. You can check our range of sliding door wardrobes by clicking here.



If all your stuff ends up on the floor because you have nowhere else to put it, perhaps you should think about installing shelves around your apartment. Shelves are a great way to store your things tidily and can add another decorative layer to your apartment. Fill your shelves with cacti, books, photos or anything you’re sick of finding on the floor.


Raise Your Bed

Your bed is another massive part of your apartment, and if it is low to the floor then this is space not being used for storage. To capitalise on the potential storage space underneath it, raise the bed and purchase small boxes that can slide easily under the bed. Alternatively, you could invest in a new bed or a fitted one that has storage built in underneath.


Double Up Your Nightstand

It’s a waste to use your bedside table solely as a bedside table. Some people purchase trunks for a stylish bedside option that they can use practically as a storage space too, saving space elsewhere, while other people keep it clear of any items – except at nighttime – in order to use it as a bench in the day. However you repurpose a bog standard nightstand, it’s a clever lesson you can apply elsewhere in the home, doubling up the function of something to utilise more space saving options!

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