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Ideas & tips for redesigning your living room

Posted by formed on 28 June 2016

As the area in which you likely spend the majority of your time, your living room demands a vibrant decor that you can kick back and relax in and enjoy. Every once in awhile though, you’ll need to redesign your living room to keep it fresh, so this month we’ll be discussing the best ideas and tips for revamping your living room this year.

Fitted furniture

Instead of merely cobbling together whatever bits and bobs of furniture you can get your hands on and hoping for the best, set aside a little extra portion of your budget to splash out on bespoke fitted furniture that not only reflects your tastes but will prove more durable than the ordinary riff raff kind of furniture available.

The most pertinent examples of fitted furniture for living rooms that we can suggest to you includes bookcases and units. These will allow you to capitalise on the space available in your living room and utilise it for other ventures, namely because the furniture will be designed with your room in mind rather than being mass-produced for the average room. Books themselves inject a room with a sophisticated aesthetic vibe, but the use of glass cabinet units can also allow you the freedom to show off your various collectables and wares.

Fresh carpets and colourful rugs

No room is complete without a proper covering adorning the flooring. Plush carpeting can work to complement the fresh furniture you have installed in the room, but a colourful rug upon which you can rest your new coffee table will serve to draw attention to the centre of the room and encourage warmth and comfort, perfect for chilling out in the summer or snuggling up in the winter.

Put the ‘fun’ in ‘functionality’!

If you have kids then you’ll probably be familiar with the horrendous challenge keeping on top of all the toys can pose, so when you redesign your living room you should bear this in mind. As we talked about above, fitted furniture provides fantastic storage space solutions while allowing you to still enjoy as much free space in your room as possible. Well, you could also utilise fitted furniture to effectively store your kids’ toys and save you from a nasty slip!

Moreover, footstools can double up as a wonderful storage chest as well as a comfort device. The advantage of using a footstool as a toy chest is that the kids’ gear is hidden neatly away when you need it to be, but it is also highly accessible for small children and allows them to get their toys out themselves.

If your child is a bookworm, however, you could install a reading nook in your window bay with floral cushions and blankets to snuggle up in.

Shelving & wall mounted televisions

Rather than opting for the standard look of the TV standing on the unit in the corner, change the dynamic by mounting your telly on the wall. An increasingly popular choice nowadays with the rise of flat screen TVs, wall mounted tellies also allow you to seize back the corner where your unit would’ve gone.

Instead of a unit, people tend to go for an elaborate shelving display around their wall mounted TV and adorn it with flowers, books, DVDs and their TV boxes. Mixing colours together and contrasting and complementing them against the rest of your room’s colour scheme can help to add depth to your room, revitalising it in the process.

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