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Should My Spare Room Be a Bedroom or an Office?

Posted by formed on 22 June 2018

It can be far too easy for a spare room to become landfill for our surplus possessions and, if so, the various possibilities at your disposal are all going to waste. So, it’s time to clear that room out and decided what you’re going to do with it. But that’s another problem in itself: what’s the spare room going to be? A bedroom? An office? Something else entirely?

Whichever option you finally decide upon will ultimately depend on the nature of your home and how you live and, this month, Robes & Rails are here to help guide you through that decision.


How big is your home?

Obviously, one of key factors which will determine what your spare room will become is the size of your home, or more specifically, how many bedrooms your home already has. If you have a two bedroom apartment with no one occupying the spare room, then the chances you will still want that to become a bedroom. However, if you are living in a home which already has a spare bedroom, then you might want to consider an office, especially if you’re keen to do some work from home.


What do you need more?

Not even taking the current structure of your home into account, what should really dictate the role of your spare room should be your living habits. Are you one of those people who can’t help but get their laptop out and crank out some work over the weekend? Do you have independent freelance projects that you’d like to get done? Then a home office sounds like the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you feel as though you’re more likely to entertain guests on the weekend, another bedroom is the right choice.


What will add value?

If your home has fewer than four bedrooms and you want your home to grow in value, it might be best to stick to a spare bedroom. This is simply because a home office isn’t for everyone, and while this will ultimately depend on the buyer, another bedroom will tend to add more value to your home.


How can Robes & Rails help you?

When choosing new furniture to decorate your home office, it’s important that it all suits the specifications of the room for a flawless fit. Here at Robes & Rails, we design, manufacture and install fitted office furniture for homes throughout Lincoln. We work closely with you to cater for your needs, taste and budget, so we can design your fitted office furniture around you.

From storage solutions to choice and colour of material, our specialists are always on hand offering expert advice so you can style your room to perfection. For quality bespoke fitted furniture, look no further than Robes & Rails – simply contact us today to find out more, or visit our showroom to view our range first hand.



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