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The benefits of fitted corner wardrobes

Posted by formed on 3 April 2017

Bespoke, fitted furniture is an ever-popular choice for creating an elegant, seamless finish in any room, without compromising storage capabilities. One of the most unique advantages of bespoke furniture is its ability to fit into, and utilise, unusually shaped spaces. Corner wardrobes are a perfect example of furniture which makes the most of all available space, which otherwise may be neglected or overlooked. In this article, we will consider some of the numerous advantages of installing corner wardrobes in your home.


Space utilisation

Corners of a room are often under utilised when fitting furniture. Mass-made furnishings can’t slot perfectly into your room’s nooks and crannies, often leaving useless gaps and empty space. Corner wardrobes provide an excellent solution to this problem, and are best when tailor-made for your precise space by professional furnishers. A corner wardrobe will take advantage of a room’s corners, rather than skirting past them, turning the area into prime storage space. Corner wardrobe sections can have greater depth than standard, wall-parallel wardrobe space; this can be taken advantage of when trying to create more storage in small rooms.



Corners of a room can often be areas in which there are architecturally awkward additions, especially in older properties or attic conversions. Sloping ceilings, outcrops and alcoves are some examples of aspects which can be hard to work around in a room. With tailored, fitted furniture, these difficult features can be accounted for and incorporated into the design, meaning you don’t have to make any concessions in style. No matter what your room’s dimensions, perfectly fitting wardrobes and furniture can be achieved with bespoke options.



A tailor-made wardrobe can be entirely personalised, enabling your dream wardrobe to be brought to life. Whatever the colour scheme, theme and size of your room, you can guarantee there will be fitted furniture to match the space. For example, different styles can be achieved with wardrobe doors; modern rooms would benefit from the sleek panelling of sliding doors whereas rustic rooms have the option of numerous wood tones and stylised handles.



What a fitted corner wardrobe offers in style, it matches in functionality. Part of the beauty of bespoke furniture is creating something that meets your precise requirements. With a fitted wardrobe, you can lay out the inside however you wish, with a unique configuration of rails, shelves, drawers and more. With your wardrobe effectively meeting your storage needs, all your belongings can have their place, leading to your whole room being tidier and better organised.


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