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Complement your attic apartment with fitted furniture

Posted by formed on 22 February 2017

Space is a commodity that’s forever increasing in demand nowadays, but unfortunately there’s always so little of it to go around! However, for those who know where to look there are opportunities to be had at every turn, especially if you opt for an attic apartment. Here, we’ll be showing you why you should consider living in an attic apartment and how you can truly capitalise on the space by using fitted furniture.

An Abundance of Natural Light

beautiful modern attic interior. 3d design concept.

In an attic flat, you can bask in an abundance of natural light you would struggle to find in another flat. Skylights allow your apartment to be soaked in natural sunlight, which is healthier for both body and mind for starters! What’s more, at night you can enjoy the starry night sky and bright moon from the comfort of your own home for a romantic evening in!

Utter Privacy

Unlike in conventional houses and apartments, in an attic apartment you can expect to enjoy complete privacy. No one will be above you or on a level footing, so that means nobody can peer into your home. As a side note, because you’re at the top of the building you also won’t have to worry about noisy upstairs neighbours stomping around either!

Amazing Decorative Possibilities

















Each and every attic apartment is unique in its structure. As a result, the aesthetic possibilities you can achieve in an attic flat are seemingly limitless! The recesses and sometimes smaller spaces of an attic flat mean you have to get creative with your furniture.

Fitted furniture is the best way to make the most of the limited space while also stamping your own identity throughout the flat. Fitted beds and wardrobes can be designed to maximise storage options, while sofas can be fitted into recesses to create a cosy atmosphere.

Enviable Reading Nooks

Because of the attic’s recesses and wealth of natural light, attic flats are great places to create a reading nook. These should be as comfy as possible, so it makes sense to install an appropriate fitted sofa for your nook. A fitted bookcase can also help you surround yourself with literature, promoting creativity too!

A Cheaper Option

Another benefit of living in an attic apartment is that they are often the cheaper option. While this does depend on the location of your prospective new attic flat and how large it is, in general you could save a bob or two by opting for a loft apartment! And when you do, be sure to give Robes & Rails a call to make the most of your space with bespoke fitted furniture!

Robes & Rails have been providing only the highest quality fitted furniture to the city of Lincoln and the surrounding areas, including Sleaford, Newark and Skegness among others, for over 30 years. Our team is experienced, dedicated and always willing to help by creating excellent bespoke fitted furniture for your home, our speciality being fitted wardrobes. So for a free home design consultation and more, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.


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