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Which is more popular – modern or traditional bedroom furniture?

Posted by jask Media on 21 April 2022

Are you in the process of redesigning your bedroom? Perhaps you’re moving house and want to make sure this important room is the perfect place for rest and relaxation. In any case, you might be wondering which is more popular, modern or traditional bedroom furniture. 

Read on to find out more. 

Modern vs. traditional for bedroom furniture

When it comes to buying furniture for your bedroom, you’ll need to choose between traditional and modern furniture. Which you choose will depend on various factors, from your personal tastes and budget to the space you have available. Whilst both furniture styles come with benefits, modern furniture has become a more popular option over the years.

Traditional bedroom furniture

Traditional bedroom furniture generally refers to those pieces made during the 19th century or earlier. Often larger than modern furniture, it is frequently made from dark wood. This is why some people refer to it as ‘brown furniture’. A few years ago, these vintage wooden pieces were seen as dowdy and unfashionable. However, they’ve fallen back into favour in recent times, becoming sought after for their rich, soulful appearance and durability. People are not just holding on to hand-me-down pieces but also buying them second-hand. 

Best suited to larger bedrooms Which is more popular - modern or traditional bedroom furniture?

Whilst traditional furniture has come back into style of late, it is usually best suited to a particular type of bedroom. Larger, more spacious bedrooms are best for these pieces since they tend to take up a lot of room. Bedrooms in older properties are usually bigger since this room has generally declined in size over the years. The master bedroom has decreased over 12% from a high of 15.34m2 in the 1930s to 13.37m2 today. Traditional furniture is also ideal for properties with original features such as overhanding, beams, rafters, cornices and ceiling. If your home has an old-fashioned style, older pieces are likely to match the existing décor perfectly.

So, if you live in an older property with larger bedrooms, traditional furniture may be a good option. An old, dark wood dressing table or bed can make a fantastic statement piece, drawing the eye as you walk into the room. However, keep in mind that in smaller bedrooms, it can easily swallow the room, appearing too clunky and overbearing.

Modern bedroom furniture

Modern bedroom furniture refers to any furniture that was constructed from the 19th century and beyond. This means lighter and brighter woods and fabrics and the addition of materials such as metal and plastic. When it comes to which is more popular, modern or traditional bedroom furniture, modern usually comes up trumps. Despite the resurgence of traditional bedroom furniture over the past few years, modern pieces continue to be favoured. Fitted bedroom furniture is particularly sought after due to its stylish design and space-saving abilities.

A minimalist look 

Modern furniture is ideal for achieving a minimalist look, stripping back anything unnecessary and focusing on functionality and practicality. Smooth, flat surfaces and clean strong lines are the epitome of modern bedroom furniture. Contrasting with the large, often bulky design of traditional furniture, modern pieces tend to integrate into bedrooms much more easily. In the case of fitted furniture, it’s ideal for smaller bedrooms since it can be designed to fit the space you have available. Fitted furniture can fit into even the smallest, most awkwardly-shaped rooms.   

Bespoke furniture to meet your needs

Since fitted bedroom furniture is made to measure, you can tailor it to meet your needs. At Robes & Rails, we can design and build fitted wardrobes that are not just incredibly stylish and integrate into your bedroom effortlessly, but that suit your lifestyle perfectly. Whether you want your wardrobe to have adequate space for your sizeable shoe or suit collection or a built-in dressing table or TV, we can assist. This is one of the biggest benefits of modern furniture – it can be crafted to your exact requirements.   

Fitted Bedroom Furniture in StamfordShould I choose traditional or modern bedroom furniture?

Whether you choose traditional or modern bedroom furniture will depend on a wide range of factors. If you love the warmth and charm that comes with classic brown furniture and your bedroom is big enough, traditional pieces could be ideal. They are also relatively inexpensive, despite their resurgence in popularity. However, if you prefer the contemporary look or you don’t have much space available, modern furniture might be more up your street. 

With homes becoming smaller over the years, modern pieces are usually a good choice. If you’re looking for fitted bedroom furniture in Lincoln, Stamford, or Grantham, look no further than Robes & Rails. We design and build bespoke pieces to the highest possible standards from top quality materials. People often opt for traditional furniture due to its durability, however, our pieces are just as long-lasting. Constructed by our expert team of Lincolnshire labourers, you can expect fitted wardrobes from us to take pride of place in your bedroom for many years. 

Keep in mind that you can also mix and match modern and traditional furniture if you prefer. There’s no reason why you can’t combine sleek, stylish fitted wardrobes with an antique bed and vintage rug on the floor. Your bedroom is your personal space in which to relax and unwind at the end of the day and there are no strict rules that you need to abide by. 

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