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How to Keep Clothes Fresh in a Wardrobe

Posted by jask Media on 20 February 2022

Purchasing a modern wardrobe from Robes & Rails means you’ll have a vast amount of space to store all the latest fashion trends. However, bad habits can lead to your clothes losing their freshness, and this could even affect your wardrobe as well. This article is going to give you some tips about how to keep clothes fresh in a wardrobe.

Keeping clothes fresh in a wardrobe:

Air fresheners

How to Keep Clothes Fresh in a Wardrobe

Air fresheners are common in cars and will even be found in various rooms of the house. However a lesser-known secret is to keep an air freshener in a wardrobe. The scent enhancer will combat stale odours and continuously supply your clothes with a fresh smell throughout the day.

If you’re not a fan of artificial scents, there are many natural air fresheners you can use instead. There are various types of wood that emit attractive natural aromas. Cedar, particularly, is well known for its natural scents and odour fighting abilities. You can even implement this into your wardrobe seamlessly by using naturally scented wooden clothes hangers to not only hold your clothes but also make them smell fantastic.

Unwashed clothes

Keeping unwashed clothes in your wardrobe among your washed clothes can cause the latter to become ‘infected’ with neighbouring bad odours. A handy tip is to ensure all the clothes you keep in your wardrobe are clean and fresh. Even if clothes have been washed, they may not necessarily be odourless. Damp clothes can have a particularly uninviting smell, so make sure your clothes are fully dry before storing them away in your wardrobe.

Keep some space between clothes

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Rather than keeping clothes all bunched together, try spreading them out. This will allow air to circulate around them better, preventing any build-up of smells. If your wardrobe currently isn’t big enough to achieve this, perhaps consider purchasing a highly spacious wardrobe from our range at Robes & Rails. We offer walk-in wardrobes with vast amounts of space that will leave your clothes feeling clean and airy.

Housing your clothes in a clean, spacious wardrobe

It seems counter-intuitive to store your clean, neat and fresh clothes in a dirty environment. Older wardrobes are prone to a buildup of dust, dirt, cobwebs and difficult to remove odours. All of these things can infiltrate the fibres of your clothing, causing them to get dirty time after time. Therefore, if you wish to get the most out of your clothes and keep them in top condition you need to ensure they are stored in a wardrobe of equally good condition.

The wardrobes we offer at Robes & Rails are extensive. Regardless of room size or requirements, we’ll have a wardrobe that’s right for you. Though they all come in different sizes and functions, the one thing you can be assured of is that they are all brand new, clean and high-quality.

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