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Children’s Bedroom Furniture: Ideas and Inspiration

Posted by formed on 2 May 2013

Children’s bedrooms are somewhere you can really let your imagination run wild. A chance to have some fun and use a decorative style you probably wouldn’t elsewhere in your home. Kids’ bedrooms are a fantastic way to be creative and can combine practicality with an exciting, visually appealing design.


As one of the most used areas in your home, children’s bedrooms are incredibly versatile. They provide a place in which your child sleeps and stores their belongings, but also plays, relaxes, and once your child is of school age, studies. As such there are a number of things to consider when choosing your children’s bedroom furniture – from theme and function, to how your child can interact with it. Additionally it is important to choose something that will develop with your child as they grow, ensuring its cost-effectiveness and longevity.

So whether you are completely re-decorating your kids’ bedroom or are simply choosing some new furniture, read our ideas and inspiration today to create a bedroom your child will adore…


1 Themed bedrooms

Princess, racing car driver, astronaut, or pop star…most children will have a dream or interest that you could really go to town with. From custom-made themed beds, to wall stencils, murals and customised furniture; a range of items can be brought together to create a cohesive look and engaging space your child will absolutely love and thoroughly enjoy.

One of the most important things to consider when creating a themed bedroom for your child is that their interests can quickly change as they develop, and although a pirate theme may be fantastic for a five year old boy, they may quickly grow tired of it as they get older. Therefore, it may be a better idea to create the theme with finishing touches – such as wall art which can be removed, bedding which can be changed and ornaments which can be replaced.


2 Space-saving beds

Your child’s bed will be one of the most important parts of their bedroom and, when trying to achieve a balance between furniture space and available space in which to play, a space-saving bed could be the perfect option.

There are a range of space-saving beds available, including bunk beds which are ideal for siblings sharing a room, or cabin beds which are great for utilising the space in the most effective way possible. Both of these styles of bed are incredibly appealing to children and are offered in a variety of styles, designs and finishes to ensure something is available to suit every little personality.

Robes n Rails Fitted Childrens Bedrooms


3 Experiment with colour

Colour is one of the best ways to create an engaging environment for your child. Whether you opt for brightly coloured walls or striking accessories, it’s a simple cost-effective and easily changeable way to tailor your bedroom to your kids’ interests, hobbies and characters. From small touches, such as using stencils and different coloured paint to create unique artwork, or creating an entire colour-based theme using a few vivid colours. You can create an environment your child will love to spend their time in it can be easily adapted as they get older.


4 Storage options

Any parent will know that adequate storage is essential in a child’s bedroom. Kids have an ability to amass a huge wealth of toys, games, clothes and learning equipment, making it important to have a practical home to store everything in – in order to avoid the frustrating ‘messy bedroom’ as much as possible.

There are a wide variety of furniture and storage options available for children’s bedrooms, such as sliding door wardrobes and fitted wardrobes which can be tailored to your individual specifications and built to make the most of your available space. Items such as shelving units, bookshelves and under-bed storage are also incredibly useful and catered to your requirements to be as space-efficient as possible.

Childrens Bedroom Fitted Furniture Robe n Rails


Robes ‘n’ Rails…

Here at Robes ‘n’ Rails we are specialists within the home furniture industry and are Lincoln’s premier suppliers of an impressive range of fitted bedroom furniture. We manufacture and install a huge range of furniture options, including sliding door wardrobes, fitted wardrobes, cabin beds, bunk beds, desks and storage space and offer a free home measurement service to guarantee a perfect fit.


Whether you are expecting a new addition to the family and are setting up a nursery or are creating a fun, interactive bedroom for your child to play, rest and develop in, we can be of assistance. Our comprehensive design service means our experts will create the perfect bedroom which accurately reflects your needs, tastes and specifications.

So for more information, get in touch with the professionals at Robes ‘n’ Rails today!

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